Grand Caymen 2020

This week is chock full of reality: laundry, conferences, school work, basketball practice, snow. Last week we were visiting with Jesse’s parents in Grand Cayman.

We had many adventures. Violet and Abram tried scuba for the first time with Jesse; my FIL and I snorkeled above them. We swam on a moonless night in a bay filled with bioluminescent plankton. We snorkeled. We ate great food. I had a giant cockroach run over my foot at a restaurant during dinner. I didn’t take as many pictures as I could have because there were a great many times when I just didn’t feel like having my phone. And if you give me an opportunity to float in the ocean or stay on dry land and take pictures – I will most always choose the water.

Stayed: South Bay Beach Club
Memorable Eats: Sunshine Grill, Chicken Chicken, Grand Old House
Activities: Captain Marvin’s (snorkel), Ambassador’s Diving (scuba/snorkel), Cayman SeaElements (bioluminescence)

It wasn’t perfect but it was good.

And this is definitely Violet’s year of the peace sign.

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    • I’m sorry to hear you’re weather has been gloomy. We’re sunny here today, but the trade off is that it’s very cold. (I’ll take it though. Having sun in February is glorious!) Hope you get some where your are soon!

  • Sounds like a luxurious vacation that your family will cherish for a lifetime, Kate! I feel so happy for all of you on the adventure!!

  • Oh, that all looks wonderful! There’s nothing like getting out of the cold for just a little bit, is there? It feels so decadent, in the best way. As always, I love your photos–and I need to know: Did you take those with your phone? If yes, what kind of phone do you have? Because my phone photos do not turn out like that!

    • I did take these with my phone. These are with an iPhone 11 that I got a little over a month ago. Before that I was using an iPhone 7. I *do* put all my pictures into Adobe Lightroom and while some of my shots are posted straight out of the camera, I do crop and tweak exposure/white balance for a good many of them.

        • I mean, my big camera was an investment and I have way more control (so have a better chance of getting the image I want) than with my iPhone BUT when comparing for ease, my phone takes really great pictures. I *love* Lightroom. I took a couple of classes to get the hang of it (like most Adobe products it’s not hard to use, but takes some getting used to) . I know Adobe has changed to a subscription service for it – the one I use is considered probably their “classic” version – I use it on my desktop.