Friday Finds

  1. Creative people’s brains really do work differently.
  2. I found this long read about the criminalization of the midwife fascinating.
  3. The days are getting longer. (Science is cool.)
  4. This makes me smile.
  5. I wish I had this kind of talent.
  6. I love a good pen round up.
  7. Ramona Quimby was one of my first literary heroes.
  8. The artistry in these pieces is amazing. (I’ve started following some of the artists listed in the article, and WOW.)
  9. This makes me want a piece of land with a log over a creek.
  10. Knit portraits.
  11. Making friends like a grown up. (I’ve probably posted this before. I like friend making articles.)
  12. Earth has two moons. (For now.)
  13. Seriously cute pictures of a feather and fur friendship.
  14. Will you subscribe? (I’m a no. My attention span is short enough.)
  15. I love all the color in this house.

Have a good weekend.

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  • Hi Kate 🙂
    Those knit portraits are incredible! And yes—Ramona was one of my favourites too. (The book that article is excerpted from looks interesting.)

    I hope all is well on your end. (I feel as though we’re hunkering down for hibernation. It’s my youngest son’s last day of school before March Break, and schools across the province are closing for two extra weeks on top of that. The robotics competition has been cancelled, and my older son’s university just cancelled classes and exams.)

    • I feel similarly. Our governor is closing schools as of next week Wednesday (though I’m going to keep them home from now) until April and all the kids’ extracurricular activities have been cancelled. Even our diocese has lifted the Sunday obligation for Mass.

      Hang in there, Marian. I’m thinking of you. XOXO.

    • I agree that videos of puppies, and animals going over logs, and anything else light hearted and lovely need to be shared.

  • I love the phrase “self-generated cognition” which describes me and makes me happy to know it. The article of being a creative person hit home with me.

    I like the idea of each room in your home having a story to tell. That’s a brilliant way to envision how to start decorating a room. Now, of course, I’m going to be wandering around each room asking it what its story is.

    • I think the idea of a room’s having stories is lovely as well. I hope you’ll write a blog post about your room and their stories!!

  • It was so nice to wake up to this post. I didn’t see it yesterday because Thursday night our governor announced the closing of all schools effective Monday, so I had school closing and a migraine and a clogged kitchen sink line to contend with. It was a bit of a day.

    I love Longreads and will come back later to read the midwife article. Reminds me of a Chris Bojalian’s Midwives (a novel) that I read about a hundred years ago. Not sure how it might hold up (my understanding of so many things has been transformed in recent years), but I found it compelling when it was published.

    I always appreciate the art you share. The knitting portraits, the artists sketchbook, the beadwork, the Victorian home. So much visual feasting. I have such a longing to be able to create like that. It’s an area I’ve never had much time for. Pretty sure my talents lie more in appreciating than in creating. But I do appreciate!

    Like Ally, the piece on creative brains hit home. Reminds me of the importance of having mirrors in the things we read, an idea that I’m constantly thinking about in my library work. Cane has shared with me that he wonders if my migraines are akin to what happens when a Mac computer overheats–too much spinning. Migraines do shut the whole thing down for awhile, that’s for sure.

    I hope you all find ways to be productively and happily busy during this wild time. I woke to the news that our public library system is closing, and somehow that hit home more than the schools closing. I hope a silver lining once we get to the other side might be a renewed appreciation for our public services.

    • Goodness! It does sound as if it was a bit of a day. I don’t like you’re dealing with migraines, but I wonder if Cane’s theory doesn’t have merit.

      I love seeing all the ways people create art. I’m an artist in the way all toddlers are artists – because I like to make things, but like you, I’m more appreciator.

      Our schools are closing Wednesday, though I’ve made the decision to keep them home. We haven’t had any cases here yet, but it feels like it’s just a matter of time.

      We’re busy reading and playing games and going for walks. It’s a scary time but it also feels remarkably peaceful.

  • Kate, I read several today!
    11. “Making friends…” I enjoy reading articles on human relationships and friendships which I think is odd about myself. It’s my observation that people most people that I meet assume that I’m an extrovert, a social butterfly, and a school teacher. None of that would be true.

    15. “I love all the color in this house…” I had a lot of fun clicking on several of the apartment therapy links!! As I am in my temporary “sea side sabbatical” trying to recoup from the sale of my townhouse and challenges with the physical and emotional move. I done a small amount of house hunting with my realtor, and in my low price affordability, it is heart wrenching. A lot of the properties were built in the 50’ and in much disrepair. Flipper’s have been buying them and making them into the “Home Depot store and painting all in depressing grey”, so the options are all beginning to look all the same…. bluuuurrrr! The colors in these apartments cheered me up today!!

    1. “Creative people’s brains…” FASCINATING!!! I’m also a creative brain.

    I, too, am finding it interesting how people are reacting to this virus and and domino affect it is having! Yesterday the monopoly HEB grocery store here announced that it is limiting certain items. Apparently people are overly gorging on toilet paper here!!!

    I hope that you will enjoy your children being home.

    • I’m not a big fan of gray gray gray either! I can imagine it’s kind of hard to find a house right now, sending you good home finding wishes!!