Friday Finds

  1. Moms in quarantine.
  2. Speaking of quarantine, Ideal Quarantine Home project.
  3. Christian the Lion.
  4. I am definitely making this cornbread recipe this weekend.
  5. What icebergs look like underwater.
  6. A little feel good routine.
  7. 100 Women of the Year.
  8. This embroidery is gorgeous.
  9. How to build healthy habits.
  10. Just some pretty Pinterest eye candy.
  11. Photos from my favorite state.
  12. I feel like my family needs this project right now.
  13. A New York Public Library book list.
  14. I love these dioramas.
  15. This is on our list for this week.
  16. If I ever finish Washington D.C., I want to do this next.

Happy weekend! Stay home. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

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  • I forget about Pinterest. I like you collection of eye candy. Perfectly inspiring at a time when we all need it. I saw that list of books from the NY Public Library and immediately felt less than well read. The feel good routine is delightful.

    • Me too on feeling less than well read! But it’s certainly a good time to change that? (Though I’m definitely in the mood for very lighthearted fare.)

      I still LOVE Pinterest. It’s such a good filing system for me. 🙂

  • I look forward to this post more than any other on Friday’s especially now. I feel like I say that over and over but I really mean it, so I shall say it forever.

    Are you a Michigander? I had no idea you were in the Midwest. Unless that is just your favorite state and not where you live, which is also cool except for that I grew up in Ohio. Go Buckeyes! I am not a huge fan but my husband is a Michigan fan, so I root for OSU to irritate him.

    Happy Friday, friend. Stay well and keep those Instagram posts coming.

    • Hi Kari!! I am a Michigander. Grew up in a teeny tiny place in West Central Michigan right on the lake. I currently live in Wisconsin, but Michigan is my first and truest love. I doubly dislike the Buckeyes as I’m a Badger alum and grew up cheering for Michigan (I still cheer for them TBH and hate when they play Wisconsin). I’ll forgive you though because you make my day brighter!! 🙂

      Happy weekend, friend!!

  • Oh, Kate. I love so many things on this list. Those ideal quarantine home drawings? Lovelovelove. I love the idea of starting with a same basic something, and then seeing what different people do with it. Such a nice testament to the ways in which limitations are an important part of creativity.

    Your 100 Women of the Year reminded me that March is Women’s History Month, and of the resources I created for our elementary libraries to celebrate it that didn’t get used. Which made me sad, but I loved just scrolling through a few decades and seeing all those people who did such great things. This week I watched Crip Camp (Netflix), and was so pleased to see Judith Heumann for 1977. Highly recommend Crip Camp. Although I have a significantly disabled brother and therefore some intimate knowledge of how things have been in my lifetime, it was still shocking to me to realize how recently it was that people with disabilities were treated in the ways they were. And continue to be; disability activities today are (rightly) concerned about how triage policies in the context of COVID-19 will impact them.

    I also loveloveloved the abstract self-portraits. So much. If my children had made those when they were young, I would have treasured such a thing. So I hope your family does do that project. They were just beautiful, and I know you have the photography skills to make such a project sing.

    The public library booklist almost made me a bit sad, as my first thought was: Oh, I should put some of these on hold! And then I realized that I can’t go to the library or get books.

    Thanks so much for sharing your finds. I meant to read them with lunch yesterday, but actually glad I saved them for this morning. Hope you all have a good weekend. (Is there such a thing as weekends any more?)

    • I think those quarantine drawings are my favorite link. That and the art project I’m hoping to do with the kids this week. A friend posted that if we ever question the value of art in our schools we should notice how we’re spending our days – Spotify playlist, arts and crafts, watching shows.

      I added Crip Camp to my list. A friend recently recommended Virgin River and I’ve been watching that. It’s a total cheese formulaic romance and I kind of love that.

      The kids head back to school next week and I’m interested to see how we juggle things. Buildings are officially closed until April 26 as of now, but a friend of mine in the know says we’re likely not return this year. I’m hoping Abram’s school relaxes requirements!!

      Hope your (virtual) return to work tomorrow is a good one!!