Tuesday Things

I love that picture of Abram and his cousin. We were having a lot more fun ice skating and tubing than their expressions belie.

And that magnetic poetry expression caught my eye as I was running out the door and it made me laugh so I had to take a picture.

It smells like spring. It’s Wisconsin so odds are that we’ll see snow and cold again, but on the flip, it’s Wisconsin so it could mean spring. We haven’t had a harsh winter but I’m loving the longer days and the early morning sunshine.

Watching: Lots of The West Wing this week. A wistfulness for reasonability and civility in politics, perhaps? Schitt’s Creek. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Hulu subscription so I could watch this season. I’m so sad it’s ending. Knives Out is on my list for this weekend.

Reading: I have a huge list to pick up at the library today. Since we last chatted, I’ve read Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. (Mixed feelings) Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. (Fun, super fluff, romance) Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do by Eve Rodsky. (Almost skipped it because this is already a hot button for me lately. Should have.) When We Were Vikings by Andrew MacDonald. (Liked it. Didn’t love it.) Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. (This was my favorite read.)

Knitting: I finished the blanket and need to get the socks finished. My next project is this pillow I’ve had in my project stash for quite awhile. I feel like my home needs it.

Listening to: V’s playlist. Because the twelve year old girl in me relates. Greg Brown. And whatever Spotify cleaning playlist I can find as I’ve been on a real organizing streak lately! (Just one more reason I’m thinking spring is right around the corner!)

So that’s me. Good boring stuff. What are you watching, listening to, making, reading lately?

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  • watching – Schitt’s Creek, Season 3
    listening – light jazz on Sirius XM
    making – a mess as I sort through paper files, shredding as I go
    reading – Where The Crawdads Sing

    I like the photo of the boys having fun even though it might look otherwise to the untrained eye!

    • I love Schitt’s Creek. It just makes me so so happy.

      I have a lot of paper to shred too. (It’s on my organization list.)

      How are you liking Where the Crawdads Sing? I read it (last year?) and I enjoyed it and then I heard a crazy rumor about the author and the book…well, no spoilers but you’ll have to google that if you don’t already know!

  • I’ve made that bobble sheep pillow! Twice! And I’ve had a request for another one. It was so much fun.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed making it enough to make multiple! I’ve never done bobbles before but I promised myself that I’d complete some of the projects I’ve stashed! Hearing that it’s a fun project makes me feel a lot better about trying something new!!

  • Love the blanket, Kate! And the sock yarn is lovely too. (And that chair as well!—that shade of yellow is my favourite.)
    I think A and his cousin look alike. Yes?
    I am SO excited about spring-cleaning my house! I’m planning to start on Thursday 🙂 .
    I’ve been making my way through The Woman in White, but slowly—the only time I’ve had to read is in the car when waiting to pick up my son from robotics.
    I, too, am sad that Schitt’s Creek is coming to an end.
    (Oh my gosh, that pillow is adorable.)

    • Oh goodness, do they ever! We all were at brunch with my sister and the waitress commented that you can tell we’re all related. It’s the eyes. We all have them.

      I love that yellow too!! And when the morning sun is coming in the window? It’s just so…pretty.

      I hope your spring cleaning goes well!! I’m taking a break for the rest of the week (to be resumed this weekend) as the preliminary battles for Battle of the Books are this week!!

      How are you liking Woman in White? I’m in awe that you make time to read classics amongst all you have going!

      • I’m really enjoying The Woman in White! It’s actually been the perfect escape for my brain. Some evenings, I drop my son and his friend at robotics and then go run errands. By the time I’m done my errands, there’s not enough time to go back home, so I just park in front of where I need to pick them up and sit there in the car (with the engine off 😉 ) and read by streetlight. Sometimes it’s a whole hour! (I may be a bit neurotic about not wanting to waste gas…)

        I just cleaned my fridge, which was unbelievably dirty. (Last night I submitted my final assignment. Wahoo!)

        • Oh Marian!! What an achievement! How exciting for you!! Congratulations!

          I don’t think you’re the slightest bit neurotic about wasting gas and I love that you have carved out a way to get in your reading!!

  • So I suppose I need to get on the Schitt’s Creek bandwagon (now that it’s rolling to a stop). I tried the first episode or two quite a while back, and it didn’t grab me. If you say I need to give it a few more, I’ll go back and try. I initially rejected Sex Education, and now it’s one of my favorite shows.

    I’ve been watching Better Things (on Hulu). Not sure if you’d like it? Also one I initially rejected, but I’ve come to love Pamela Adlon’s character. She is so, so flawed, but in a way that I’ve come to feel quite tenderly about. I think, in general, I only love flawed characters. Or characters who allow their flaws to show, maybe? Much like the real people in my life. I’m also still watching This Is Us. Also lots of flawed characters. Some drive me a little batty, but I keep tuning in. I’m slowly getting through Grace and Frankie, but this season isn’t doing it for me. The characters have become caricatures. Real close to jumping the shark.

    I was on a reading storm for a bit, but nothing much this past week. Embroidery books, I guess. I picked up one on stitching on canvas, and I’ve been playing with that this week.

    My thought also about the cousin pick was that the little guy’s eyes look just like Violet’s. 🙂 DNA will out!

    What I’m not watching or reading much of is political coverage. Largely staying off FB and other social media. I just can’t with most of it. Oregon, too, has turned the corner to spring, and I’m focusing on that. It’s still quite cold much of the time and I was talking with someone yesterday about how challenging it has been lately to get dressed in the morning because the day can start out near freezing and then be in the 60s by afternoon. But trees are blossoming and my bulbs are blooming and I had to mow the lawn last week and I am so ready for it all.

    • Oh, I really think you should give Schitt’s Creek a try. It’s not as heavy as some of the other flawed character shows I’ve tried to get you to watch (cough, cough Catastrophe) but I do think it’s lovely. I think it really hits it stride around season 2 or 3. I feel the same as you do about Grace and Frankie. This season just didn’t do it for me the way previous seasons have.

      I’m putting Better Things on my list now. I think one of the reasons I’ve been on such a reading kick is that I haven’t found anything I really truly want to to watch lately.

    • I’m going to second Kate and tell you to give Schitt’s Creek another try. The characters are really quite irredeemable at the beginning, and it took a few episodes before their quirkiness grabbed me. (Sometimes Canadian shows are almost painful in their quirkiness; I can say that as a Canadian 😉 ).

    • I’m trying to figure out who put it on the fridge because no one will cop to it!!

      We love “dunk” eggs too. 🙂