Tuesday Things

Short and sweet (and late) this week because I’m sharing my work station. My co-worker likes to leave math worksheets all over the desk. (But also brings me Jolly Ranchers from time to time.)

Knitting: Zauberball socks.

Watching: I’m two episodes into Virgin Creek. It’s on Netflix and I think it’s kind of like a Hallmark movie in episode form? My brother is recommending It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a good friend of mine sent a list of her favorite 80’s-90’s movies that I’m going to have to get started on.

Reading: I’ve read The Naturals (which is kind of like a YA version of Criminal Minds) and The Last Mrs. Parrish this week. I loathed The Last Mrs. Parrish. I’m so annoyed that I forced myself to finish.

Making: We ordered some fabric from our local quilt shop to make homemade masks. I hate sewing (but I like the ironing and cutting and prep stuff) so I told Jesse I’d get everything ready if he actually sewed them. We’ll see how it goes. The kids are also working on an art project and I can’t wait to show you once we’re done.

I hope you are healthy and safe. The weather here is really wonderful and I’m so grateful for that. What are you making, reading, watching? I’m DEFINITELY in the market for suggestions.

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  • Hi Kate,
    I’m so glad to see this post from you and to know you’re well after last week’s trip to the ER. (I meant to comment on your comment on Rita’s last post and then, well, didn’t. Sorry about that; it’s been a weird few days.)

    As soon as I saw that sock yarn, I thought for sure it must be Zauberball! My daughter bought a couple of balls of it when she was on exchange in England three years ago. I had asked her to find some local sock yarn, but the store didn’t have a good selection of local, so she chose German instead. (I still consider those two pairs her English-exchange socks 🙂 .) Have you knit with Zauberball before, Kate? I really love the yarn and the socks are holding up well.

    I’ve been spring cleaning, which is helping to keep me sane. I also cut apart a top I had sewn a couple of years ago and used the fabric to make a new top. I cast on a new pair of socks for my youngest, and finished the elbow patches for my sweater (but haven’t yet sewn them on). I’m still re-watching Suits, but have also watched the first couple of episodes of Atypical, which I’m also enjoying. I wish I had some TV recommendations for you.

    Reading: I’m almost done The Woman in White, and next up will be Miss Buncle’s Book by D.E. Stevenson. I just received a book order from an online bookstore, mostly for my son, but also maybe for me. I ordered four books strictly for him (two Le Carrés and two history books) as well as Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (because a reviewer on Goodreads said it was a fun read), and also The Hound of the Baskervilles (because another reviewer said that was also really good). I think I’m probably weird, but in difficult times I find enormous comfort in classics. That, and dystopians 🙂 .

    Regarding face masks, a friend shared this with me this morning: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/11289817/steph-mcgovern-anton-du-beke-thong-face-mask/

    • Hello, Marian!! That video gave me a much needed laugh.

      I haven’t knit with Zauberball before but I’m liking the way they are coming out. They remind me of another yarn that I can’t think of the name of – kinda scratchy – but that other yarn was so lovely after a block and they’re still sturdy. Hope these are similar.

      I’m glad to hear you got into the spring cleaning groove and it sounds you are plenty busy making as well!! I’m still directing “school” most mornings and trying to keep the house clean. I know a lot of people are talking about how their days are less busy. Mine definitely feel more so. But we’re adjusting.

      I love your reading lists. They are so aspirational for me!!

  • I was told that Virgin show was good by a friend. That sounded so bad.
    I was also told It’s Always Sunny is also good.
    It sounds like we’ve got friends with good taste. 🙂

    I am reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret because I need to be transported to 1982 right now.

    Tiger King was very distracting, if not disturbing.
    Better Things on FX and Hulu is so good.

    Are you on Facebook? I have a private group on there of blog readers and it is spectacular. All memes, stuff to keep you laughing etc… I would love for you to be part of it.

    • I JUST started Tiger King yesterday. I had a cocktail hour zoom with three friends last night and everyone was talking about it so I watched two episodes last night. It’s so bizarre – it’s hard to believe it’s REAL.

      Such a good book. I think I might follow your lead and reread some of my favorites from that time.

      I am on FB. I would love to find you!! Do I search by your blog?

  • I watched Virgin River on Netflix and it was very Hallmark-y. I don’t usually go for shows like that, but it was nice brain candy.

    I’ve started attempting to color with Crayolas. I have a Minions coloring book so that’s what I’m starting with. I also have a more adult coloring book with mandalas which I hope to work up to. So that’s the excitement around here.

    Your photos are wonderful, as usual. Thanks for sharing them here.

    • I don’t usually go for Hallmark-y either, but I I’m not above enjoying something light/formulaic right now.

      Coloring is fun!! I’m glad you found some books!! I was looking for a couple to put in the kids Easter baskets and they are VERY sold out.

  • Late to see/comment because this week has been a $h!tshow. It was nice to finally have time to see this. My co-workers have four legs and bark at me about every three hours to eat. I wish they’d bring me Jolly Ranchers. Or go to the store to buy some.

    I watched Virgin Creek over winter break. It was weirdly addicting. If you like it, try Hart of Dixie. It’s almost the same premise, and the same actor plays the doctor who doesn’t want to share his practice with a smart, pretty, young out-of-towner–but it’s funnier and smarter. What I’ve been watching this week, though, is Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Recommend. I have NOT been watching Tiger King. I saw one episode, so I could know what the fuss was all about, but, no. Felt as if all it was doing was playing into/exacerbating the divides in our country with people who are grotesque caricatures of the two camps: Dangerous, idiot redneck and crazy, self-righteous, liberal cat lady.

    I’ve been reading something like the literary equivalent of Virgin Creek (meaning, fluffy and unchallenging: One of Us Is Lying, about a group of 4 teenagers who seem to be getting framed for the murder of a horrible peer who spreads malicious gossip through a social app. I almost didn’t past the first few chapters, but the pile of books I grabbed from the school library before we left 3 weeks ago is getting low, and now I’m kind of hooked.

    I see that the CDC just recommended that we all wear face masks to the grocery store, so I guess I’ll need to figure out how to make one. Maybe I’ll feel like that later this weekend, but right now I just feel flattened by the everythingness of this and it’s hard to imagine having the energy to take all the steps required to make that happen.

    I also can’t wait to see your art project, if it’s what you hinted at in your last Friday Finds post. 🙂

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a shitshow of a week! I hope your weekend gives you a chance to relax and recover. At least as much as possible with all of THIS in the world.

      I read One of Us is Lying some time last year because Violet was reading it and I wanted to see if I approved. I had a hard time at the beginning, but I enjoyed it. Not enough to read the sequel (which Violet also read) but it worked. I’m scrapping the barrel on books here too. I’m reading a modern day Anna Karenina that is titled “Anna K” it came as a BOTM and I’m not going to be able to make it through. I really enjoyed the original back when I read it in my 20’s but this knock off version is just BAD.

      Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way. Hang in there. I’m here for you.