Friday Finds


Happy May Day!!

  1. How to keep a journal during the pandemic (or any time, really).
  2. The Great Empty
  3. Online workouts.
  4. Was glad to find out I wasn’t alone.
  5. Yes. This.
  6. And this.
  7. People draw car logos from memory.
  8. Wanna color?
  9. A short history of personality tests.
  10. Queen Elizabeth II style.
  11. I’m a witch.
  12. These reminded me of the six word sad story project. (Some were *really* good.)
  13. Ideas for fun isolation dates.
  14. Stories are important.
  15. This is adding to my list of content to watch.
  16. Pretty.

Hope you have a weekend! Stay safe and healthy out there!

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  • “a consultant and ‘human potentialist,’ about the Enneagram”

    That is one doozy of a job description/title. I read/hear more about Enneagram every week, but will admit that when I tried to figure out who I was according to that system I got confused. Bafflement was my bff.

    I’d love to see all of Six Feet Under, so thanks for the link to the article about HBO. I saw some of the shows, but not in order. Now is the time to jump in again.

  • The article on personality tests was fascinating, Kate. Like you and Ally, I’ve done the Enneagram and cannot seem to figure out how to answer the questions and how to analyze my results. If I recall correctly, I seem to score fairly evenly in three or even four categories, so there seems no clear-cut answer. The MBTI, on the other hand, always gives me the same answer. (I think I’ve taken it three times—just to be sure, haha.)

    It’s funny (or is it?)—I read #5 and got quite a laugh, because it was sounding oh. so. familiar, and I was seeing many of the things I’ve either been doing or thinking about doing, things I’ve even considered blogging about. And then I realized the piece was meant to eviscerate such women 🙁 .

    #6 was wonderful, as were #1 and #14. Thanks for sharing, Kate. 🙂

    • I didn’t have the same reaction to #5. I’ve done and am doing a lot of the things listed in the article but I have the privilege of doing them and I find it overwhelming and exhausting at times. I can’t imagine if I was working full time from home while trying to oversee my kids education. Or if I didn’t have a partner to help me. I think laughing at the ways we are pushing ourselves to control the controllables (when so much is out of our control) is important – especially for women who are probably trying so hard but just don’t have the capacity.

      I have the same issue as you with the Enneagram. Every time I’ve taken it, I’ve gotten different answers!

      Hope you have a great weekend, Marian!!! Have you started sewing your top?

      • I didn’t read the piece as women “laughing at the ways we are pushing ourselves to control the controllables.” Because it’s on a site for high-achieving women, I read it as yet another salvo in the mommy wars. Doing all (or most, or even some) of those things IS exhausting. But what is even more exhausting is being mocked for doing those things, or having the work involved in doing those things dismissed through the use of the word privilege. I know you didn’t write the piece, Kate, and I apologize if I’m coming off as tetchy, but I think the conversation that’s evolved in the last decade or so around around women’s work—in which time and privilege have become trump cards—is damaging to ALL women, and has resulted in women shooting themselves in the foot.

        • Yes, it is a site for high achieving women but I know 1) high achieving women can laugh at themselves for trying to do everything not just right but PERFECTLY right (which is what I felt the post was getting at) and 2) if you’re able to do all these things or even MOST of these things it *IS* a privilege and that’s not being dismissive of all the hard, exhausting work that goes into doing it.

          I felt the piece was saying “we sure are asking an awful lot of ourselves right now. Let’s laugh at the ridiculousness of demands placed on us and realize doing all of them at the cost of our sanity might not be okay”. I felt that and related to it and it’s why I shared it. We all have different capacities. If you can do all those things and still feel sane at the end of the day, maybe you weren’t the audience for this piece, and maybe that’s okay?

          I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me (which aren’t tetchy).

  • I’m a witch too!! 🙂

    I love these posts and feel like you haven’t had one in a while. I missed it. That or every week is beginning to run together and I have lost all idea of time.

    Probably the latter.

    Happy May Day!

    • I hadn’t done one in awhile. I haven’t been internet hopping as much so not as much fodder!! 🙂

      Hope you’re having a good weekend, my fellow witch!!

      • Aw, man! I want to be a witch with you guys! I’m a unicorn??? Not the answer I was expecting. But I always appreciate a good Buzzfeed quiz.

  • I started to read some of these yesterday, but I didn’t have the bandwidth for the longer pieces or to craft any kind of response. I appreciate the play of light and heavy in your list. This week, I’m drawn more to the light.

    I’m not sure why, but I loved the images of Queen Elizabeth. When I was in London last school year (oh, but that feels like a lifetime ago!), I was struck my the absurdity of the royal family. I felt like they permeated everything, and what function, really, do they serve now? Other than contributing to the economy because of the interest/value others place in them, which is just weird if you start to really think about it. Are they really no more than spiffed-up Kardashians at this point? And yet, I loved seeing all those images of the Queen.

    I also loved the horror stories. I wish I had the kind of mind and ability to write like that: so succinct and surprising. And the ideas for isolation dates? I need to get out more. As for the personality tests–I can’t get the same result twice from the Enneagram. 4 is consistently high, but the others are not. Think it depends a lot on what’s going on in the world. Not usually a 6 (concerned with security), but not surprising that it would come up high right now.

    The Great Empty images are so striking to me. Haunting and gorgeous and terrible, all at the same time. What a remarkable time we are living through.

  • I find the idea of royalty bizarre and fascinating and I loved those pictures of her. I have never invested much thought in the virtue/value (or not) of the monarchy but I do enjoy reading the opinions of others on the subject.

    I needed a lot of light this week. We’ve definitely entered a sick of each other/exhausted phase. As the mom, I feel duty bound to fix it but I’m as equally sick of everyone and exhausted. I’m definitely spending lots of time sewing and knitting and reading this weekend.

    • Just going to offer that I don’t know if it’s your duty to fix that. Maybe only to figure out some way to let everyone have some solitude and whatever it is that helps them recover from exhaustion? Hope you’ve been getting in the sewing/reading/knitting. It’s nearly noon on Sunday, and I am trying to keep the dread of Monday away, so I don’t squander the time I have remaining of this weekend.

      • Thank you, Rita!! I did get time to work on some things I love, take a couple outside walks in the sunshine AND there were some conversations on how to make things better which helped.

        Hope you had a chance to enjoy your Sunday *and* that you have a calm week.