Friday Finds

  1. This article was a huge wake up call to me.
  2. What to stream on prime in June.
  3. Welcome to the fold, new birders.
  4. This You-Tuber made me cry. (In a good way.)
  5. There are twelve on this list I haven’t seen.
  6. Is it safe to travel again?
  7. Quarantine sweatpants style
  8. #goals.
  9. The End of Minimalism?
  10. Save the Tears: White Woman’s Guide
  11. I’m pie.
  12. Archaeologists excavate tile mosaic.
  13. I miss having Barack Obama as president.
  14. Sourdough baker tips.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • I am Pie, too. We are good people.

    I’ve seen 20 of the movies on the list. I am content with that number and don’t plan to watch the others.

    The mosaic is stunningly beautiful. Wowsa.

  • Hi Kate! I read four of your Friday finds this week. The New York Times article on birding was an enjoyable read. I’m definitely a bird watcher.

    Yesterday I paused to watch a black bird gather the dried grass clippings in its beak. I was surprised by how many it could carry while hopping along. Definitely was working on building a Home as I am which gave me a smile.

    I have not seen the painted buntings again. They were migrating through and stopped to feed on the overgrown Johnson Grass that was seeding. That moment in time from my kitchen that day was a splendid site and rare to see.

    Thanks birding article!!

    • I love bird watching too!! It’s always fun when you see one you don’t get to see regularly. I’ve seen a few hummers out this year which I haven’t seen before so I may have to start putting some food out for them as well!!

    • I did watch Becoming and it made me CRY. In part because it really was so sweet (my favorite was the sibling rivalry between Michelle and her brother) but also because we had it sooooo good.

  • Hi Kate,
    Your Friday Finds are often Monday Finds for me. Maybe not so much for the summer. I’m looking forward to some Fridays where I don’t feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 🙂

    I’m pie, too. I appreciate the links to good movies/things to watch. The New York Times just put out some list of 50 Best on various platforms, and there are some good ones there ( I think movies at home are going to be a summer staple this year. I suspect us pies are all movie watchers.

    I almost didn’t click on the link to quarantine sweatpants style, but I’m so glad I did. 🙂

    And I really appreciated the article on the end of minimalism. Have been having some similar thoughts these days.

    • Thank you for the link! My subscription to the Times ran out this week and I signed up for WaPo this year so I’m missing lots of the NYT good stuff!

      I’ll never be a fan of clutter, but there are two times so far where I’ve been angry at myself because I’ve had the thing I needed once upon a time but passed it along.