Tuesday Things

Yes, I have a lot of tomato pictures. We have a lot of tomatoes. I’ve been making weekly deliveries to my neighbors and Jesse’s parents and we still have a lot of tomatoes. We also have peppers. The peas just finished. I pulled our first melon, but a little too soon. We have one more ripening on the vine and after a little more googling, I have a better idea when to harvest it. Pumpkin and zucchini are still maybes and if those worms would stay off my broccoli, it appears as if I might actually get some. Every single day, twice a day, I go out to squash worms and wipe off eggs and I still miss some because look at the size of those two worms. (Fellow gardeners around here have told me its a bad year for them.)

The quote on the letter board is for me this month. Some of my siblings and I decided it would be a good idea to challenge each other to a six day/week exercise challenge over four weeks. Nothing gets me moving like some healthy competition. I’ve been signing up for some virtual yoga classes and walking and it’s definitely made a huge difference in my mood.

Reading: I finished Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane last week and absolutely loved it. It was sad and messy and hopeful and sweet and I just found it really heartwarming. Now I’m reading Euphoria by Lily King. Next up is a thriller I ordered from my BOTM subscription. (disclosure: if you sign up for a subscription from this link I get a free book credit.)

Knitting: I’m finally on the toe of my second Evergreen sock but I just can’t make myself finish. I will, of course, but in the mean time I wound up the yarn for the scarf I’m doing next and have started on that. Everything I work on now is 100% Christmas.

Watching: Weeds. Which is VERY graphic but also very good. I feel like it starts of like a mostly dark comedy and then becomes just mostly dark. I need some good recommendations. Historical romances, rom-coms, dark and twisty psychological thrillers are all fair game. I watched Sleeping with the Enemy because I remember being so freaked out when I was younger. And yeah. Still get the heebs.

Making: Plans for the dining room to school room conversion. We’re going to drill a hole in one of the stored table leaves (it has three which we will NEVER use all of) for cords, set up computers and desk lamps. I’m moving a IKEA storage thing from my office down there for extra paper, their binders, etc. They each have a desk in their room which they’ll also be able to use when they need quiet, but I wanted a central place for the majority of the work. Send prayers and good wishes. We need them all.

Salsa. It’s good – as all fresh from the garden salsas would be – but I need to play with it some because it’s not great.

Lists of projects to tackle. I’ve been exhausted this whole summer, which I chalked up to covid-19 stress (of course). But at my yearly physical, we found that some of my hormones are a little wonky. On the plus side, I have a reason that I can address faster than just coronavirus stress (don’t get me started). On the-not-plus side, I have lists of medically mandated self-care and a follow up in three months. Self care being more the fruits and vegetables and fewer M&Ms/going to bed on time/daily exercise kind and less the ice cream Netflix bingeing kind, I’m kinda of grumbly about it. But bubble baths (especially warm ones at night with epsom salt) are on the list so YAY!!!

So that’s me this week! How are all of you doing? What are you reading, watching, making, or some other -ing, are you up to? Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe!!

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  • So much to unpack here. I like your tomatoes and I like the Aristotle quote. It is the truth of things. I watched some of Weeds years ago, but kind of drifted away from it. I don’t know why exactly. It’s good that you went for your annual physical, but I can understand why you’re grumbly. Any change can be difficult even if it is good for you.

    I haven’t watched much TV this week, but am reading a good mystery, The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware. I seem to be back to reading again, but only mysteries so far. They hold my attention during these ridiculously stressful times.

    • I’ve read one by Ruth Ware and I think I’m going to have to add a few more to my list. I, too, have found that I’m reading a lot of mystery/thriller and I read recently that it’s becoming a trend.

      Good to see you!! Stay well!!

    • I’m glad that you found this one to read, Alley. I listened to the audio of this two years ago and enjoyed it so much that I mailed my copy to a friend. It was a good timing for me when I listened to the mystery story. It was a good twist of lime!

      I have had on my bookshelf TURN OF THE KEY since it first came out a year ago and you have incredible me to start reading it as this fall comes around the corner.

      I like Ruth Ware! And I’m waiting for Paula Hawkins next read… smiles to wonderful mystery writers!

  • Todd and I like Vera, which is a British based detective drama. She is quite quirky. I believe there are nine seasons. Anne Cleeves is the writer, so if you’ve read any of her novels, you know what the series is like.

    • You guys really are fans of the British detective shows!! Have you ever watched Broadchurch? It’s very dark but it has my favorite Doctor in it (David Tennant). David really liked it! Do you get it from the library or how do you watch it?

  • Reading- nothing other than homeschool materials but I’m learning too, so I guess that’s a positive? 🙂

    Watching- the democratic national convention last night. Best three last night for me were John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, and Michelle Obama. I have felt betrayed by my home state of Ohio since 2016 so John Kasich’ speech last night made me feel a little better. It was the Ohio I knew it could be and Michelle’s speech made tears run down my face.

    Making-Ella and I began homeschool this week and we are making a cool art project for our home. It is a sign that we saw on an Instagram account via Gigi Hadid’s home (I know, I hate that a little) but the sign is a welcome sign of inclusion that we both loved. I will share it on my blog or Instagram at some point.

    I remember feeling like having no energy when I was in peri-menopause (not sure if that is your situation) but now that I am almost done and have no estrogen, I have so much more energy. But I am noticing that this whole covid situation leaves me drained emotionally and that leaves me feeling much more tired at the end of the day. I don’t think we really realize how much we are “carrying” each day.

    • I didn’t get to see Kasich but I did see Bernie and Michelle. Michelle gave me goosebumps and tears. I’m hopeful and terrified for November (and the weeks following).

      I can’t wait to see what you am Ella make. No shame in getting inspired by Gigi Hadid. Inspiration comes from all corners!!

      Good to hear from you, Kari.

  • I also loved Ask Again, Yes. I’m now listening to Maisie Dobbs, a story set in WWI Britain. I think if you liked Downtown Abbey you’d probably like this; it’s a book dealing with similar themes, and who doesn’t like a smart, spunky, kind, and very decent female protagonist? As for watching, I highly recommend Hanna (Prime). I think I saw it described as action thriller-meets-coming-of-age—and it also has a similar kind of protagonist. Though she’s wicked skilled with a gun and doesn’t hesitate to use it.

    I’m also converting a space for the school year. Yesterday Cane (who is a teacher) was talking through his beginning of the year plans with me, and it suddenly struck me how strange and hard and momentous this all is. How disorienting that we literally went to school one day with everything mostly normal (we had been doing some extra diligent cleaning for a week or two, but that’s about it) and the next day we learned that it would be our last. We were told we’d be back in two weeks, but no one believed that—but no one thought we’d still be out now. And the more I see the numbers, the more I realize it’s possible that we might not go back at all this year, and I guess it hit me in some new way that we really freaking aren’t in Kansas anymore.

    All of which is to say that, I’m not surprised that so many of us are struggling, and that the struggle is starting to show itself in our bodies. All summer I’ve been fighting this persistent malaise (and feeling crappy about feeling crappy because things really aren’t that bad), but the amount of fundamental change is profound (especially if you factor in all that’s been/being revealed about our government and its functioning) and I think we’ve got protective mechanisms that (mostly) keep us from REALLY seeing/feeling it.

    I’m glad you’re getting good medical advise, and I wish you well on the real self-care. I’ve been working at that myself, but I really need to do a better job with getting some exercise. That will be even harder for me when I go back to work. I’ve just never found any exercise that I like, and it will be even harder now because I don’t think it’s safe to go into a gym.

    Like Ally said, so much to unpack here, but I’ll stop before my comment is longer than your post. 🙂

    • Oh I agree with all of this, Rita. For me, I’m beginning to feel those protective mechanisms wear down. They’ve just taken such a beating the last four years. Sometimes it doesn’t seem as if THAT much is different and yet so much really is. I’m finding myself very raw and thin skinned.

      I also relate on the not finding exercise I love. But walking with loud angry ranty music has been very therapeutic. And then yoga – I take a virtual very slow stretchy class – so I can pretend to be zen. It’ll be a long time before I’m in a gym.

      Be well, Rita!! I hope your year starts well – even if it starts differently than we all were hoping!

  • Hi Kate,
    So glad to hear you’ve been able to figure out a way to make regular exercise happen. (And that you’re going to make self-care a priority. I hear you on the exhaustion!) I got back to regular exercise myself about a month ago, and it’s been good to be at it again. I also wanted to say how impressed I am that you’re going to drill a hole in a leaf of your dining room table. That’s some pretty chill parenting 🙂 . I will definitely be rooting for you on the learn-from-home front. We’re still sitting on the fence—we indicated (based on very little info) that my son would return to school, but we have since gotten more info and now have until the end of August if we want to change our minds.

    I always love your photos, but the one of your dog is not only good, it’s intriguing. What was he/she looking at?

    I feel like every Tuesday I’m -ing the same things…
    Reading: Still on Villette. Still loving it. I think this may be my favourite book ever because Lucy Snowe is just so damn relatable.
    Knitting: Cast on my sweater. Had to do a provisional cast on, which I’ve never done before. Had to watch the video over and over and over and over. (My brain is jello.)
    Watching: Star Trek Enterprise. It’s grittier than any of the other series, but my son and I are loving it.
    Planning: I, too, have a list of things to tackle. As soon as the weather cools, I’ll re-paint my son’s room and begin processing the kale.

    I hope you have a good week, Kate.

    • The one of the dog is actually her waiting for her favorite person to come up from the basement. Her intensity made me laugh so I had to get a picture.

      I’ve done a provisional cast on twice and I know I’d still have to watch and rewatch the video. I’m 100% jello brain myself these days. I couldn’t think of the word “wood chips” today which is just stupid to me!!

      I’m impressed with you tackling a repaint. It’s been YEARS since I’ve tackled a paint job myself. I just don’t have the patience or a steady hand.

      I think you’ve sold me on Villette.

      Have a great week, Marian!!

  • Hi Kate! The tomato slices look delicious and with the greens it reminded me of a Summer Christmas of bright red with greens. With those tomatoes, and the right add-ins there must bring a great salsa. So I’m curious what are your add-ins? Perhaps I might make a suggestion to try.

    You know I would love the birds nest. I’ve been watching a teenage morning dove sit on the tiniest nest that I have ever seen. She built it right after the hurricane. I have seen her leave it only once. She notices me and talk to her, but she has nothing to say yet. I suppose she is exhausted from sitting!

    I’ve been enjoying my St Augustine Grass slowly rejuvenating with my morning therapy of hand watering with the garden hose. That’s my favorite part of gardening. I added 3 large bags of organic gardening soil for nutrients last week where the pockets are thin. Yesterday I purchased 6 large bags of the same plus 3 bags of organic compost to mix. This is what I am doing this week.

    Today Yorkie has her Veternarian exam and dental. Wonderful news that she had no extractions of teeth (which I feared) so I’m doing good with nourishing her teeth. She is home now and sweetly resting. Relief for me.

    I’m sending lots of good vibes your way for confidence with the homeschooling. Your plan having a shared space and quite individual study space is how I know that you will do fabulous!!

    Listening to the buzz of the August Locust the are seasonal for about two weeks. It’s a light background buzz with mostly a variety of birds flying around doing their thing. I enjoy this so much. There was a woodpecker today for a short while. I’ve train the Yorkie to stay on the front porch where so can watch me gardening and enjoy outdoor time too.

    Definitely enjoy the evening baths! It’s a great mental cleansing of letting go of the aggravation and disappointment of the day and epson salts will draw the toxins from your body, so add drink some bottled water or Gataraid Zero which has no sugar. I mix mine so I don’t over do the Gateraid.

    I love Dr Teals Epson Salt Baths Ultra Mosturizing Bath Bombs lavender essential oil with jojoba oil and sunflower oil. They are individual balls so no measure needed. This one is great for sleeping.

    I also use Dr Teals Pure Epson Salt soaking Solution Relax & Relief with Euqcalytus & Spearmint for aches and calming anxiety. Last week I discovered the body lotion same but with coco butter Shea butter vitamin E, this scent is delightful and added bonus that mosquitos don’t like the Spearmint, so I put it on before my morning gardening therapy. I use the foot cream occasionally on my dry toes and bottoms of my feet once I’m in bed for the night.

    Self-care is high on my routine. If I don’t take care of me, who will?

    Enjoy the week and your new routines. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better!!

    • Hi TD!! I’d love some salsa suggestions. We used diced white onion, cilantro, tomato, green pepper, and jalapeño. (I think we had a little too much jalapeño because I’m a wimp!)

      Dr. Teals is big around here. My son LOVES the soothing eucalyptus salts too!! I tend to just go with the plain ones because I’m super sensitive to smells. I appreciate your suggestions for the bombs and hydration! I’m going to give both a try!!

      Glad to hear about your Yorkie’s successful vet visit and healthy teeth!!

      It was really lovely hearing from you. It sounds like you’re getting settled and happy in your new home and you paint such a great picture!

      • Yes!!! I am getting more use to this property as home. It truly is lovely with all of its flaws of old age.
        I do have a few suggestions on salsa… I will catch up with my favorite pen pal tomorrow…’till soon. (a good tired of a good day).

        • So talking Salsa, Kate. Your ingredients sound tasty to me (without the jalapeño as too spicy hot for my taste buds). Here’s another idea you might try, but you may not be growing some of the flavors in your garden.

          Your homegrown tomatoes diced
          Yellow onion is sweeter than white onion
          green chiles (can diced Hatch small amount is good) instead of jalapeño
          Green onion small amount instead of green bell peppers
          Spice to add more flavors to your choice of taste preferences are powder garlic, powder cumin, ground black pepper and ground sea salt

          I love green bell peppers stuffed with rice, hamburger with a little tomato sauce on top or green bell peppers added to homemade spaghetti sauce made with homegrown tomatoes!

          Have fun, Kate, playing in your kitchen!!

          • Thank you so much for your recommendations! Both for the salsa and the stuffed peppers. I’ve made stuffed peppers before and they were such a hit but I’ve never made them again. I think I should try. Especially with my homegrown ones – they’re a little smaller than the conventional ones you get at the grocery store. I think they’d be perfect for a “single serving” dinner!!

            I love older homes and their character. The house we lived in before the one we live in now was built in 1929 and it was so lovely.