Friday Finds

  1. The architecture of bees.
  2. Willpower is not enough. (I am so feeling this right now.)
  3. We have risk backward.
  4. What I expected in adulthood.
  5. I am so hopeful.
  6. What liberals got wrong about work.
  7. My friends and I agree.
  8. These things aren’t rude.
  9. Bill Murray’s face in classic paintings makes me happy.
  10. I’m Aaron Burr. (“I am inimitable. I am an original.”)
  11. I don’t know how I feel about this article.
  12. This is the content I need right now.
  13. Adding a few of these to the TBR pile.
  14. What are your thoughts on culling your book collection?
  15. A list of podcasts. (I bought the song from Busy Philipps because it’s cute.)
  16. Feminism reads. (A few more for the TBR pile.)
  17. Just pretty.
  18. A litany for survival. (This was a powerful read.)
  19. Only 37 possible stories?
  20. I’m a people pleaser that struggles putting my needs first. (True.)
  21. Yeah. Please no.
  22. This looks so good to me and so does this.
  23. Have a happy Labor Day weekend!!

Seriously, have a good weekend.

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  • I agree about the what is not rude article. Good list.

    I love the cartoon about being an adult, anticipating to wear more clothes with shoulder pads. Am glad I don’t, of course.

    Thanks for the list of podcasts. The ones I listen to now are getting old, repetitive. Something fresh for the fall is what I need.

  • I LOVE THESE. You need to write a book with all of your little finds. I’ll wait.
    Those Buzzfeed quizzes you find are always better than the ones I find. I only find stupid WHICH HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL COUPLE WERE YOU? UGH.
    By the way, my answer was spot on: I am more introverted than people realize, which is so true. I need to recharge after getting together. But maybe we all are a little like that?

    It is going to be a long winter, no doubl about it. I am trying to armor up for that. More about that in my October tater tot post.

    I loved the Surge Capacity article so much and may steal that to share in an upcoming tater tot post as well. I have been playing this game called “forward” in my brain without even realizing it. Again, will be sharing it soon on the blog but it is a definite survival mode thing. The brain is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

    There are a lot of those “rude” things that I do. So I am glad to know I am not rude. Also known as anxiety.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you and your family! Also known as, staying in our home and doing nothing but normally would be working as essential workers so we aren’t complaining! 🙂

    • I completely get your need to recharge. I’ve found a lot of people confuse shy with introverted. I am NOT shy, but I am very much an introvert and the opposite of my son. He is shy (with new people) but absolutely loves spending time with people. Would spend all day every day with people. This has been very hard on him.

      I think armoring yourself up for winter sounds like a good/smart idea and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it!!

  • Hi Kate! It finally has been raining here!! Last night was a sweet short rain that Yorkie and I enjoyed sitting out on the front porch to begin our holiday weekend after a long week of research, decision making and scheduling of in-person appointments. Trying to determine the necessary, financial situation and weighing COVID risks involved.

    Early morning lightening storm heavy rain pour and all afternoon overcast and rain has certainly given me a break from daily therapy routine of grass watering. My yard is reviving well with lots of organic compost and garden soil and water.

    I read almost every link that you have posted on your finds this week. One of which that this particular portion would definitely apply to what I’m hearing from others and feel myself, “…the loneliness, grief, and fear caused by the pandemic makes every task all the more difficult.” I completely agree though I would add isolation and uncertainty.

    I mist of my anxiety I found myself rearranging furniture. It is a way the my internal mind and body gets in conflict, so the energy is relief is that physical movement therapy and acknowledgement that something isn’t working and change is desired. And I have found movement of my furnishings is a therapy reminding me of way I have control because much of my life is loss and awareness of what I cannot control. I wonder if others do this type of therapy?

    One of the links mentioned giving ourselves a break with compassion which will work towards. So much of this transition and adaptation has been a giant learning curve of survival. And much of what I have tried to accomplish has been disappointingly I completed as the people that I’ve hired do not finish the task or project. My emotions get confused and insecurities of myself getting beaten down. I am beginning to wonder that these unfinished business may not be about me specifically, but might be possibly about the people hired are struggling themselves with the so every changes of COVID and all unrest in our society of what they might be dealing with personally?

    I’m at a constant level of exhaustion. All morning, I had to work on a project with one of those in-person appointments. From now, Saturday evening until Monday morning which is my next project in-person appointment, I’m planning on my PJ time!

    I also found myself having groceries delivery add flowers, roses and carnations as a reminder that self-love is important and several potted small plants the are the oxygen and air cleaners types to remember that my ability to breathe is also important for survival. Probably therapy, too!

    Next week I have a heavy load of projects and in-person appointments. As a highly sensitive person and introvert these meetings will be energy depletions, also mentioned in your link finds.

    I hope that your home schooling has been easier than you thought and that your family is adjusting!!

    • Hi TD!! When you said “I’m at a constant level of exhaustion.” I feel you. And I may have to steal the idea of adding flowers to my grocery delivery. We’re supposed to get rain this week and I hope so because my garden needs it!!

      Hope you have a great week and find ways to recharge from all the appointments this week!

  • Hi Kate,
    It’s taken me all weekend to get through these. They did not disappoint.

    I’ve been mentally preparing for a long winter since June or so. I was conscious of needing to maximize opportunities this summer to do things we won’t be able to do in the winter. I did some, but wish I’d done more. Part of me is longing for a return to cooler weather, but another part of me is dreading it. I’m hoping for a long, mild fall!

    As for culling books: Yes. I used to have so many more books than I do now. I haven’t missed any of those I gave away. Weeding our libraries is one of my most satisfactory job tasks. Books are far more something of their time than I ever realized when I was young, in both physical terms and in less tangible ways.

    Finally, I agree: Willpower isn’t enough. This article is spot-on about the challenges and impacts. It really hit me last week when I went back to work. We haven’t even begun classes with students, but everything we were doing to prepare for them just flattened me. It’s so huge. It’s overwhelming. And feels so strange, with so much of the world humming along as if there were no pandemic. Everything feels surreal.

    I hope that you and your family are enjoying the long weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to go back to only 2 days a week again. I’ve spent a lot of this one sleeping.

    • I’m impressed that you don’t miss any books that you gave away. I think your library experience is showing! I’ve definitely culled and will continue to do so but I’ve also found myself repurchasing books or wishing that I still had a book I no longer have.

      Both V and A’s school have reopened (but have offered virtual options which we’re doing) to students. Last week was the first week. There were three days of class. I’ve already received a letter that there was an exposure at one of the schools and close contacts have been quarantined. I just don’t see how keeping them open is going to be viable for long. Especially when as you said, “much of the world humming along as if there were no pandemic.”

      I, too, spent a lot of this weekend sleeping. I’m very much spent by the end of the week and thankfully my husband and kids went up to the cabin and gave me some time to work on some things at home and rest.

      As for the article on race discussions – yeah. I almost stopped reading it too. It’s very knotty.

  • Oh, also: That article you don’t know what to think about? Me either. Reading it made me so uncomfortable (and frustrated and tired) I almost didn’t finish it. There is something there I felt in too many situations at work last year. There is something happening around this that doesn’t feel right, but I haven’t figured out exactly what it is. I do know it’s shutting down dialogue and work that needs to happen, and I think it’s harming everyone involved in trying to reform racist systems and practices.

  • Hi Kate,
    You’ve got some really powerful reads in this post. We’re a week away from my 15 yo son going back to school (he opted for in-person learning, and schools have delayed the start by one week to get better prepared), so #2 and #3 hit home. The caseload in our city is extremely low, but numbers are starting to rise around the province, so I’m feeling a lot of uncertainty.

    I grew up in a blue collar family and I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about work (in all its forms), so #6 resonated hugely with me.

    I’m with you and Rita on #11—reading this article frustrated and exhausted me. I think that making things too difficult for people can not only hinder a movement, it can also cause backlashes and setbacks to the movement. (My 21 yo son would say this is my fear talking; he’s not wrong.)

    Although I like the idea of never getting rid of books, I’m not sure that’s practical! I have gotten rid of a lot of books because of space constraints, and although there are some I kinda sorta wish I had kept, I also know that I’m a calmer person when I have less things around.

    #18 made my heart ache. (Related—have you seen this article?: )

    I hope you’re having a good weekend, Kate 🙂

    • Hi Marian!

      I thought of you when I read #6 so it was good to hear that it resonated with you. It did with me too.

      I’m actually surprised to hear you like the idea of not getting rid of books! One of my goals for this week is to purge the kids bookcase so we have space for the books they actually do read.

      I did read that CNN article and almost included it as well. But I agreed with you that I had a lot of heavy hitters this week and left it in my list for a future list.

      How nice that they pushed the start back a week. Violet’s virtual starts tomorrow but they sent her an incomplete schedule. Her principal emailed tonight to say that schedules weren’t finished and they’ll figure out more tomorrow. It’s certainly been a year of teaching me how little control I actually have in ANYTHING.