Friday Finds


  1. Funny animal photos.
  2. Prince as pulp fiction covers.
  3. Time to kick the coffee habit?
  4. I’m working on being more present.
  5. This is one of my newest favorite finds.
  6. Preventing megafires.
  7. Good news for all of my friends who decided to get puppies recently.
  8. Vanity plates.
  9. Covid-19 etiquette.
  10. An overstuffed bookcase can be a good thing?
  11. Clear it out.
  12. I’m still not eating at a restaurant.
  13. Kind of excited to see how the Emmy’s work.
  14. Derpy animal art.
  15. Vicarious grief for you children?
  16. Queen Elizabeth is witty.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Hi Kate! Lots if good to read here this weekend!! Sounds like great topics for me. I’m looking forward to them as my interesting reads this weekend.

    Oh Kate… those boxes of book progress! For some, many people, it’s hard! My step-father who adopted me when I was six years old really has/had a wonderful collection of books. As a child, I remember reading or really just looking through all the National Geographic Magazine’s which were bound into an incredible library. I really never read any articles in those as a child, but I was very curious at all the photos of various people and their life hoods around the world. Neither of my parents wanted to read, look through, or talk about books. But I (WE) definitely had a home library. Too young to understand, but what a collection of journalism!

    I digress into my past memories of books that I had available, along with of course Dr. Seuss as my favorite that I recite from time to time. This was only for me after age six, before that mother of three children lived a life in poverty. But as a child, poverty is really an unknown. No idea, we just lived.

    Anyway, I have decided how and where I want to set up a “share book exchange in my front of my home.” This is such a sweet people Street of all ages. If you want to send a box to my project I would be delighted to give you my address to mail/ship to me. Or if you have any books, I would be happy to accept those too. I spent last weekend researching ideas of a private yard library share and I’m excited to do this for my wonderful neighborhood!

    So I’m just getting back to you of my -ing of this week!! Ha! And huh! Breathe girlfriend, I tell myself!!!

    I hired a person that was painting the exterior of a house two down from mine. I introduced myself and ask him to stop by to give me an estimate on three projects. Here, unfortunately, people are unreliable, widely varied in estimates, anyway it’s difficult to find good workers.

    Tuesday, he started on project one: to remove the complete back patio metal roof covering attached to house. (It’s causing water leaking damage into my bedroom ceiling and wood rot on exterior siding. Others wanted to leave it and just keep sealing the issue not solving the issue. This was the first person who agreed to solve the issue. YAY! So that was done… ing!

    Then he (using experienced other people) removed wood rot (80yo house) and replaced with the old pine #105… and today painted the main exterior of a complete new color! Change from depressing GREY to a happy GOLD! Behr Marquee LAMPLIT (if you want to look it up.) Trim will be Honied White and the door will be Farm Fresh (green).

    The Gold was completed today and the rest will be Saturday. Already I’m getting wonderful nice neighbors happy to see the good change and improvements that I’ve made to the property. Hard to believe it’s been five months since I bought this new old home!!!

    I’ve already selected paint color plan for interior (if they can work with me… I know that I am difficult to work for because I’m different on a variety of who I am). But he gave me a quote on interior too.

    So project one was completed this week! Yay! And project two is almost done and I love it! Yay! Project three is yet to be determined, although estimate was given. I know I’m difficult because of my OCD detail and my anxiety issues.

    So I’m ing we exterior repair, maintenance and painting this week.

    And all of this around the unknown of where/when Hurricane is going to hit. So much uncertainty!

    I’m not dealing with the back to school or home issues myself, but I certainly am hearing that it is all too much!!! So I really understand the tech issues for moms as they are not trained IT people. Because I was in the IT world in my last career, people often took advantage of me to solve their home tech issues without pay. They just asked for a favor to help, but they didn’t want to learn it, they just wanted it fixed. So I learned to say No once I realized that.

    Funny thing now is that I have no technology in my home… just my cell phone. Sometimes people say that they are envious. I remember my mom telling me that she could not understand how I could be in front of a computer from 8-6 every work day. But that is how I paid for survival, it wasn’t a matter of choice. It was rent and food. So I could not understand my mom. She was a house wife and her husband paid for the livelihood. Very different when single.

    Looking forward to the reads, Kate! Hope your week week was a little easier with getting into some sort of a temporary routine!

    • Hi TD! I looked up your paint colors and can imagine your lovely little cottage. It sounds like you’ve done a lot – in meeting neighbors and tackling projects. I hope it’s as lovely and cozy as it sounds! AND that you stay safe and sound despite hurricanes.

      I have days where I wish I could just throw all the technology in the trash. I can see why after working a full day in IT you wouldn’t necessarily want to deal with it!

      Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend TD! We actually donated the books, but I bet your little library will be a big hit!! We have a few in this city and I think they’re very sweet! Such a good idea!

  • Hi Kate! Yes , the exterior paint colors turned out just so lovely!! I was a tiny bit concerned that the Lamplit (Gold) might be overpowering or overly dramatic, but it is not at all. The colors truly work well with the other old cottages. Much to my surprise, I have received so many fun and cheerful responses from neighbors on our street, including the lady who lives behind me. It didn’t know how anyone would respond. I just did my thing. Removing the metal back patio structure that I thought was causing the wood rot thus bedroom ceiling to leak, has relieved me of that worry and removing it just feels physically so much lighter when I step out to the backyard. Saturday afternoon and evening I enjoyed the exterior outside with Yorkie. Sunday I over exhausted myself trying to get myself prepared for the tropical storm. Today it is still raining and more to come tomorrow. Today I’m feeling very low (it’s the depression) as you know. Some days are better than others…

    I’m glad to hear that you were able to sort out your books and donate them for others to enjoy! We will see if I get to the little library share project. It’s not a priority as I must consider my needs rather than my wants, but I think it might be fun (or it maybe just another chore, task, expense to keep up maintenance). I’m truly trying to simplify as I’m aging. And as my tech devices died, I made an intentional decision not to replace as a way of simplifying and lowering expenses. In our messy complicated world today, it may not be completely possible to live a tech-free life.

    I enjoy #5 the link to your favorite find. Although I’m doubtful that I was ever do it, some samples were interesting. You?

    I read a few others too!

    And so it goes…
    Hope you are having a good day!!

  • Hi Kate—
    This is wonderful insomnia reading—at least, the links I clicked on were. I did skip a few. Thank you for the lighter fare. I may want to be a vanity plate screener in my next life. And those Prince covers: yes. Just yes. Also, the Queen is funny. I’d think you’d have to develop a sense of humor to live as she has.

    Hope you have a good week.

    • I’m sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping well, but glad that I got to give you something to enjoy while not sleeping!

      I’ve been thinking of you.

    • I’m sorry to hear you aren’t sleeping well, but glad that I got to give you something to enjoy while not sleeping!

      I’ve been thinking of you.

  • I like the idea of having an antilibrary. Made me smile. We have more books around here than we’ll ever read and I like it that way. Nice to read an article suggesting the same.

    The Prince book covers are great. I laughed. So obviously meant to bee.