(Black) Friday Finds

In the spirit of Christmas shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving, I’m linking up some favorite online goodies.

  1. Beautiful beeswax candles.
  2. This and some “ammo” for a little (or not so little).
  3. Enamel pins: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
  4. With this to display them.
  5. A lovely apron.
  6. Classy but also punk.
  7. Pretty stained glass.
  8. A good puzzle.
  9. My go-to kiddo gift.
  10. A planner for next year.
  11. A craft to stay busy through the winter months.
  12. Some favorite games: 1, 2.
  13. A book of the month subscription*
  14. An every day pair of earrings.
  15. And a pretty dish to keep them.

Happy browsing!

*If you purchase a subscription from this link, I receive a free book credit.

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  • I’m sure I’ve said this before, but you’ve got great taste, Kate. I especially love that so many of these gifts are from small businesses.

  • Kate,
    In the late 80s I worked for a small educational publisher in the Seattle area, and one day we discovered a little shop that we called “the French shop.” Going there became our favorite long-lunch thing to do (usually for someone’s birthday). I suppose there are a lot of shops like it now, but in its time it was an amazing new thing: A shop full of beautiful, wonderful things we never knew we wanted until we saw them. There were all kinds of things—books, scarves, drawer-lining paper, dried bouquets…I can’t remember all the things. If you ever want to start a business, I hope you’ll consider making your own version of such a shop. I’m sure we’d all call it “the Kate shop” and the term would be synonymous with delight, just as “the French shop” was for my colleagues and me so many years ago.

    • Rita, what a lovely comment to receive!! The idea of being a purveyor of delight is…well, delightful. I’ve often dreamed of opening a little shop – I’ve even named it. The reality of retail hours and downtown space rent have kept it all up in my head. But I’ll definitely share the fun things I find on the internet!

      • I love your description of the French shop. Scented drawer liner paper was one of my favorite “I’m pretending to be a sophisticated grown up” purchases!

        • I bought some of that drawer paper and it stayed in my dresser drawers for at least two decades. Maybe more. 🙂

          I’ve always dreamed of owning a perfect little bookstore, with cozy chairs and warm lights and eccentric (in the charming way) customers. Since I am fantasizing, and also only books that I love. 🙂

  • Hi Kate! I was throughly entertained on item 7. Pretty Stain Glass!!

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I may have looked at ever Stain Art Glass pieces on the link, then found myself wondering all over the Fenton Art Glass pieces too!

    I’m not a Black Friday Shopper, nor have I ever been. But it sure was fun seeing the art work in my PJ’s in the comfort of my home. FUN!

    Happy Holiday Season to you! I’m so very grateful for pen pal friendships!!

    • I’m so grateful too!! I’m usually don’t shopping for gifts by this time each year, but I haven’t this year. I do love browsing the internet though.

      I’m glad you found something that lead you down a rabbit hole! It’s the best part of online shopping in PJ’s! So good hearing from you!!