Tuesday Things

Just a few non-sequiturs before we get to the things:

That picture of those freshly crushed cranberries and sugar? I wish I could bottle that smell and send it to all of you. But you can make it at home by pulsing a bag of fresh cranberries in a food processor and making this recipe (or another recipe that uses fresh crushed cranberry).

This week has been hard. Pandemic living, sure, but also life. If you have extra good juju or prayers or happy thoughts to send this way, I’ll take ’em.

I signed up for a “fresh start” organizational challenge. Free with a list of tasks that isn’t overwhelming and motivation to check off some things I really need to do anyway? Yes, please. I’m looking to head into January a little less cluttered than before.

Knitting: Hats and socks. I have three pairs of socks in need of blocking which I’m hoping to get done this week. I’m pretty sure I’m going to set a goal to knit one pair of socks per month next year but I’m going to add on to that goal that I actually get them blocked that same month. I’m horrible about finishing a pair and setting it aside and then rushing like a crazy person to get them blocked and dry.

Watching: The Offspring on Netflix. I would never have picked it but a friend recommended it based on another friend recommending it and I love it. Kids and I are also rewatching The British Baking Show because that’s the kind of spirit we need in our lives right now.

Reading: Finished reading Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane. I didn’t like it but I’m realizing that dark/mystery/someone is married to a pyscho books aren’t my genre.

Making: Christmas lists. And then remaking them. And then again. We’re at the point of the year where I am almost done but I ordered some things I’ve forgotten about (or maybe didn’t order them but thought I did) and really need about two hours with a pad of paper, a pen, and my email inbox followed by a quick visit to Christmas present storage space in my basement.

I hope you’re having a good week where you are. The sun is shining so I’m going take a walk and “blow the stink off” as my mom used to say. I’d love to hear what you are -ing this week.

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  • I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard week, Kate. I’m kind of in the same place (pandemic living + life), which means I don’t have much in the way of happy thoughts. (Commiseration is something I have in spades, if that helps.)

    Is it Season 10 of the BBS that you’re re-watching? We absolutely loved (and were inspired by) the amazing calm shown by the winner in the finale. I’ve never heard of the Offspring so I’ll have to look for it. Right now we’re watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is quite hilarious (in a juvenile and sometimes non-politically correct way), as well as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Hey, did you ever get around to watching Star Trek Voyager? (SEVEN seasons! Just sayin’.)

    I’ve been making Christmas lists too, but I’m finding this year really difficult. I don’t yet know where my older kids will be, so I’m feeling even less excited about shopping than I usually do. (Most of my good intentions to get things done before stores got busy have gone by the wayside.)

    I’m still working away at my sweater and I ordered yarn from my LYS for the sweater for my youngest son. Did you happen to see the latest yarn harlot post? She linked to this ornament: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dumpster-fire-2020 , which gave me a laugh this morning.

    I hope you’ve had a good walk, Kate, and that your week gets better. 🙂

    • We actually started rewatching BBS from the beginning. I loved those earlier seasons. I’ll have to check out season 10.

      Offspring has 7 seasons as well. I just finished the first one. I haven’t tried Voyager. Perhaps I should. I’ve only ever watched TNG. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on my list.

      I understand feeling less enthused. My kids felt that decorating the tree just didn’t appeal (once they started it was fun and they started talking about all their ornaments) and I wonder if some is the pandemic or if it’s just their age.

      That dumpster fire ornament is amazing. I’ve seen a blown glass one (and almost bought it) but I think I like the knit one more! I’ll have to go visit her blog. For some reason her recent posts haven’t been showing up in my feed.

      And last but not least, I will definitely take commiseration though I wish you weren’t going through a hard time too. Sending hugs and hopes your week improves as well. Xoxo.

  • Sending all the good juju your way. I hope you’re doing okay. Big hugs.
    Today is a stinker. A REAL stinker. I am thinking about writing about it because I need to release the KRAKEN. So your Tuesday Things is just the medicine I need for my soul. Don’t stop. Selfishly, I need these posts. 🙂

    Writing- nothing of any substance. But it keeps me off the streets.
    Reading- I just got home from curbside pick up at the library which fills me with glee. This month it’s Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, A Course in Miracles (not sure the author) but it’s a hardcore text for the Universe-crap I am into, and The Power is Within You by Louise Hay. I’m becoming my own Life Coach. I am in too deep. HELP ME. 😉

    Watching- The Crown. Some episodes are so boring but others are really good. We’ve also been watching lots of documentaries too.

    I am all done Christmas shopping for the girls but we aren’t getting for each other this year. We are thinking outside the box…experiences not things which is hysterical since we can’t go places. My book is with my former editor who is editing it and I am paying her, so I asked for THAT as my gift from my husband this year because that is what I truly want. My book being a BOOK is what I want for Christmas NEXT year. 🙂

    Sending you sunshine and hugs.

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had a real stinker of a day too, Kari. I very much appreciate the good juju. Definitely share if you’re willing – your posts are good for my soul too!!

      I love that you’re becoming your own life coach. I admire that. Keep doing it. And keep telling us about it! It’s inspiring!

      How far are you in the Crown? I agree that some episodes don’t have the same interest. I like that show as a project show. I can’t watch it without knitting or embroidery.

      BIG fan of the experiences not things gifting. My family always used to do that – we’d go to a basketball game or a water park or arcade or something. I loved it. This year Jesse and I bought a Peloton for each other. I was just starting to get into spin classes and he’s always liked road biking so we’re going to jump on the bandwagon. It doesn’t come until late January, but I think the movement will be really good for me.

      I’m excited for your book being a book next year so that’s a great gift.

    • Kari,
      Are you referring to A RETURN TO LOVE: REFLECTION ON THE PRINCIPLES OF “A COURSE IN MIRACLES” by Marianne Williamson or the 2000 pages handwritten by Helen Suchman? I never read Shuchman. In the 1990s, I noticed and related with Marianne Williamson work of metaphysics. I purchased half of her work via audio CDs and listened to them multiple times in my life at different stages of my life.
      I listened to Louis Hay Heal Your Life many times which had a major impact on my life which became hindsight.

      I hope for you that you will find something in these assortment of “self-help” reads or audios (there is an abundance) that brings your soul peace and less pain; that is the yin & yang of life. Someone important in my life, once said to me:Take what benefits you personally and leave all the rest behind. That’s what sticks with me most!

  • Hi Kate! First of all, your twinkling home is a magical post card to all of us readers!! The stockings hung are feelings of home! My fav is Jesse’s as I’m a fan of this motifs.

    Next inside runner up are the incredible nutcrackers. Absolutely a delightful assortment collection!

    Then your “dog” in the tree gave a three times look… it’s an ornament! (not your doggo!) ha, ha, ha,!

    So… you wanted some extra good juju, prayers and happy thoughts to sent your way.

    1. good juju: scroll down to: RED MERLE FEMALE #2 Deupree Family (Peppermint Patty “Patricia”)


    2. prayers: PEACE; neighbor across street north display of the nativity as follows their family faith who have lived in that house over 60 years and raised family.

    3. happy thoughts: HOPE; neighbor across the street south display of a half dozen blowup Santa figures and multiple (almost a gazillion) colorful lights beautifully arranged.

    From my home to yours: HAPPY HOLIDAY!

    • Oh TD, did you decide on a puppy?!?! She’s such a darling!! (The snoopy/peppermint patty connection makes me smile.)

      Jesse’s mom actually made those stockings for all of us. I have one that my grandma made me but it hangs in the opposite direction. I love felt embroidered stockings. Some day I hope make them for grandchildren!

      The nutcrackers are also from her collection. They bring me a lot of joy lined up over the bookcases each winter.

      Thank you for the peace, hope, and good juju, TD. It means a lot.

      • Oh Kate, The Good JuJu actually tumbled into an anxiety for me as I could not sleep!! My mind and body was telling me that something was not right with this transaction. My confirmation text stating that I would mail a check the next morning was around 5:00 p.m. I went to bed thinking that this puppy was the love that I was lacking in my life. BUT BY 3:00 a.m., I was sick with anxiety!!! So, I sent a text that I would not be mailing a deposit check because I had never purchased a puppy without seeing it in person and was feeling that the purchase was not right for me; and I was kind with my words.

        I don’t know for a fact that this is a real place of business or scam… I feel so vulnerable… unknown to truth. It might be. I just don’t know unless I could see the ranch and dogs, puppies in person with my own eyes. I could be wrong. But just seeing pics of puppies… I just couldn’t buy in to it.

        After I sent the declining text, I fell right to sleep and woke up with feeling relief (that I may have protected myself from a mistake). Maybe that’s the Good JuJu!!

        • Kate, I learned $xxx.cc deposit required when puppy is two weeks old and balance $x,xxx.cc including tax was required before the puppy was 7 weeks old, prior to pickup of puppy in a public place. Does not allow people to visit the ranch to view the puppy, puppies or dogs prior to purchase. They allow no one to the ranch. That truly was a red flag for me as I have never purchased a dog without visiting, holding and seeing the puppy, puppies in person. Something seems like a scam to me or I am a major worry wort!!

          • I think if you couldn’t sleep but the minute you texted saying you weren’t comfortable you feel right to sleep says it all! Whether it’s a scam or not I can’t confirm but I do know that you made the right choice for you!!

  • I hope things are feeling better. Maybe it’s some kind of post-holiday something going around, but it’s been a tough few days for me, too. If I had good vibes I’d send them, but don’t really have any right at the moment. It’s amazing to me how I can feel as full and content as I did over the weekend and get depleted so quickly. I think after all these months of…well, everything…there are just no reserves left.

    Your home looks very cozy, with just the right amount of Christmas. The outside is especially charming. I got lights put up outside—the first ever, actually. I love them. Inside I’m doing slowly. I just didn’t want to use Thanksgiving weekend to decorate, and I’m glad I didn’t. I got the tree (artificial) out last night, and tonight I hung garland and pine ones on it. Maybe I’ll do ornaments tomorrow. Or not. I like doing it gradually.

    Watching 11.23.63 because it was on a list of shows for people who liked Queen’s Gambit, but…not even close to the same league. It’s a little boring and doesn’t make a ton of sense and it’s grossly violent. Cane and I just have a hard time finding something we both like. He’s been here full-time for a while and will continue to because his daughter is quarantining, so I don’t know when I’m going to watch the shows I like that he doesn’t. Our days are so full of work. (I am not going to even talk about work. It’s feeling brutal.)

    I am re-knitting the pillow covers. And I have plans to sew new stockings. We painted the fireplace last spring and it just feels like it needs some spiffy new stockings. Found some remnants at the Pendleton wool store, and we’ll see if I actually do it.

    Other than that, just hanging on to get to winter break. Trying not to feel that way; I don’t want to wish any time away. But I’m just tired.

    • I know you’re right about the reserves. It’s hard to fill the bucket in 2020. Even harder to keep it full with all those holes poked in the bottom. I’m sending hopes and prayers for you to get the rest you need (and time to sew new stockings and knit pillow covers) so that you have the reserves ready to handle the brutal. (It may be wishful, but I’m sending them all the same with the promise to listen if you ever do want to share and virtual hugs.)

      I’m glad you have Cane to keep you company even it means you might be only watching shows you both enjoy. I haven’t watched 11.23.63 despite Netflix’s repeated recommendations because I find King disturbing.

      I have lots of lights this year – in an out – and ideas for more yet too. I just need all the twinkle this year. Getting the tree decorated was hard – none of us are really feeling it – and it sat with nothing but lights for over a week. I saw the lights on your home in your last post and love it – it’s so welcoming. I’ve never wanted to celebrate solstice as much as this year when I desperately need the return of light.

      I hope your week gets better, Rita.

      • Woke up this morning with migraine and for the first time this year called in sick. Just not going to power through it today. (Checking for a response from you is the last screen thing I’m doing today!) Am hoping that if I take this day off, I won’t lose yet another weekend to migraine (the usual pattern).

        Just wanted to say, I am SO with you on the lights and twinkle! I’ve been lighting candles every night for dinner for at least two weeks now. Still, I was also feeling reluctant about the tree, and I will admit that I got teary last night putting on just the garland, pine cones, and tree topper. Some 70s music was playing, and I just missed so many things and people. Most days I’m doing OK with how things are and am in a place of acceptance, but last night got me. Don’t know if that was partial cause of this morning’s migraine or first symptom of its arrival.

        At any rate, I will be spending the day listening to an audiobook, taking a walk, sewing stockings, and cooking some food so I don’t resort to pizza when it’s 5:30 and I’ve finally stopped working and cannot muster up any energy or brain cells for cooking. (That was Tuesday this week. Tuesday!) Going to walk the self-care talk I so frequently give to teachers I support.

        I hope you have a good day. Or a good-enough one. I’m sending my good thoughts and energy, thin as they are. Oh, and I forgot to say before: I LOVE your dog ornament! Like TD, I did a double-take the first time. 🙂 And, I get you on Stephen King.

        • I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been suffering from migraine, but am so glad you are doing what you need to be doing to take good care of yourself.

          I love that both you and TD did a double take. It was gift from my niece last year and it really does look (and even feel) like Molly!!

          Hope you continue to take good care of yourself and feel better. Today was better and tomorrow I have both a scheduled virtual coffee date and a walk scheduled so that will be so good for my soul.

          • Kate, Thanks so much for being a wonderful pen pal for me. I think that you are absolutely correct that the fact that I was able to sleep after I made the decision on the puppy was the right decision for me. I’m still having no regrets. I appreciate your support.

            I love your virtual coffee date idea! Lots of people are doing the walking around here. We did get the winter time cold, but the past two days temps were unusual and spring time temps. Expecting back to cold usual weather on Sunday.

            A lot of people on our street lit up colorful holiday lights. So much fun to see! On the news today, they posted a video clip and street address of a must see display. It’s on the next block down on our street! I’m one of those who just stays home because of the pandemic, but I must do an early drive by in my car before it gets too cold again!

  • Your photos are just lovely; I can almost smell the cranberry/sugar combo.
    I’ve not seen/heard of The offspring on Netflix. Wait, is it about the band The Offspring? I’ll have to research it. I’m still working on the latest season of The Crown.
    I’m going to check out the organizational challenge.
    Sending you some good juju, positive vibes and lovely mojo your way.

    • Thanks, Suz! Both for the appreciate good juju, positive vibes, and lovely mojo and the photo comment. It’s actually Offspring (I messed up the title) so not the band. (Gotta keep ’em separated). I’m currently taking a break because I love it but it got a little emotionally intense and I needed a breather. Happy holidays!

    • My making a time capsule took me to a meltdown, unfortunately. I can’t pinpoint exactly why as a time capsule sounds so simple. Yet my thoughts turned downward with too much negative. So I didn’t make one.

      Today I am in the post holiday blues, not feeling well and I’m very disappointed with myself about my life at the phase of aging. Retirement is not the American dream that commercials and social systems lead on to and want people to believe it’s achievable by working hard your whole life (since I was twelve). It’s somewhat like the Santa myth. That feeling of shock to learn there’s no Santa. It’s a made up story to foster spending on behalf of our society social system making other people rich.

      And Rita, I don’t know your full resources to draw upon. But think carefully through the options and do whatever makes most sense to your beneficial support.

      I’m truly not where I wanted to be at this age of life. I listened deeply to one of my 74 yo neighbor who has lived here 50 years with his wife. He gave me a lot of insight! I’m taking inventory of assets and liabilities, debts and responsibilities to determine how I will manage, yet I don’t see how I can alone; or if I must sell again as this lovely cottage though is in much more disrepair than I could see back in March; and the physical demands it takes and financial needs that purchasing it may have been my biggest mistake in my life thus far.

      I don’t know what is next or possible for me. Perhaps that is exactly where the making of a time capsule was to take me. Back to reality!

      • Oh TD!!! I just saw this and wanted to come to say I’m sorry you’re having a hard time post-Christmas. I hope whatever you end up doing works well for you and that you find yourself safe, secure, and well provisioned.

        • Thank you, Kate. When I take a look at the other side of the coin, I can see all the property improvements that I have done to this lovely little cottage in a very short period of time. It truly is charming even with 80 years of aging. I’m trying to think of the decaying parts are simply the natural order of the life of the property. Those properties around me are in similar phases of life. These are the wrinkles and the strengths; of conquering the storms and shining the light of peace where gardens of prayer continue to grow and builds bridges of faith. This is my home sweet home!