Friday Finds

  1. How bad is your Spotify?
  2. Isn’t it nice to have a President who has pets again?
  3. Anyone else feeling stuck? A guide to action.
  4. One of the few accounts I miss on IG is Chris Newman’s Sylvanaqua Farms.
  5. This made me laugh out loud.
  6. More things that make me laugh.
  7. What to say to people who say you’re being “too safe”. (Thanks, Kari.)
  8. A new blue pigment.
  9. What’s the messiest room in your house? (Mine is a bedroom of a child who will remain nameless.)
  10. President Trump will get a portrait too.
  11. Truth.
  12. Pretty pictures.
  13. The treadmill was actually a form of punishment.
  14. Worth knowing.
  15. How to remove Flash from your computer.
  16. Why aren’t we wearing better masks?
  17. My monster of the year is Medusa.
  18. I got sucked into this show and love it.
  19. These embroidered leaves are amazing.
  20. Anti-gluttony door.
  21. I’m making February (or maybe March) my new year.
  22. Can we all agree Caillou was the worst?!?
  23. These are so sweet.

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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  • I KNEW treadmills were evil, birthed from nothing good. HA!

    That glutton door is something else. It is a worrying idea to me.

    Thanks for the how to remove Flash info. Never thought about doing that but…

    Every time you share your Friday Finds, I learn something and that makes me happy. So thanks for doing this, especially on a dreary Feb day.

    • That door takes fat shaming to a whole new level! But it is one of the seven deadly sins…

      I’m glad that Friday Finds helps you be happy. ESPECIALLY on dreary February days. We’re dreary and COLD here and it helps me too!!

  • I love these so much. I click on each of them and it sends me down a rabbit hole of information and so much to learn and grow. I even bring some items into my homeschooling as well.

    The octopus fact made me laugh so hard; I love that so much and I GET IT. 😉
    The blue pigment is so pretty. Blue used to be my favorite color when I was a child but has been replaced by another color (that you will read about soon). 🙂
    The messiest room in our home? There are three- our basement and both our daughter’s rooms. Also, I love that furniture company. That is what we would call our bird around the house.
    That monk door wouldn’t work for me. Especially after this pandemic. :O
    Those five changes are great ideas; I read them to Ella too because we are both experiencing some pandemic burnout.
    And I LOVE the artist’s renderings of what really happens in relationships. I am sharing that in my March tater tot post.

    Thank you for a bright start to my weekend.

    • Oh, I know I’d be in trouble if we had a gluttony door! I find the idea of it fascinating though!!

      I’ve always had trouble picking a favorite color. I just LOVE color. I can’t wait to hear about yours!

      I’m glad you enjoy these too, Kari! One of my favorite things about blogs is how we all get to share the fun, crazy corners we find on the internet!!

      Hope you are having a great weekend too!

  • Your Friday finds are my weekend finds because work and winter and housework and work work work, so I will be back later after I have time to savor this treat, but I must (absolutely must) chime in right away in defense of Caillou!

    I loved him when my kids were pre-schoolers. Loved, with no equivocation. I will defend Caillou forever. Don’t know why haters gotta hate so hard on a bald little guy trying to figure out how to live. 🙂

    • Well, there you go. I knew there had to be people who liked him for the show to run that long.

      Hope you managed to get all your work work work done (or at least good enough done) and enjoyed some play in your weekend!! (Or had some work that felt like play!)

      • I love the Amanda Oleander art, which, in conjunction with my love for Caillou, might mean I’m a sucker for sweet things. And would also explain my loathing for treadmills and gluttony doors. Really, did anything nice come out of the 1800s? Doesn’t that seem like just the worst century an ordinary person might have lived? (But I’m not entirely nice, as I, too, laughed about the octopii.)

        How did that woman embroider on leaves without tearing the leaves to shreds? I really want to know. I’ve embroidered on paper, and it’s all kinds of tricky.

        As always, much thanks for sharing your treasures. A nice Sunday morning treat.

        • I had the same thought about the leaves! She must have some special kind of skill I don’t have. (I don’t think I could embroider on paper either!!)

          I’m having a chuckle about your 1800’s question. I’m kind of wondering that about the 2000’s my self (minus my children of course. They’re pretty awesome.)

          • I’ve been muttering for a while now that we seem to be hurtling right back to the 1800’s. Unregulated business, grotesquely wealthy people, horrible working conditions and low pay for the masses. Ugh.

          • Rita, you aren’t wrong. I’ve often thought the same thing and wondered what’s going to happen when the masses really wake up to it.

  • I enjoyed the state birds graphic. It sent me on a courious search about state dogs!

    Often the kitchen would be the messiest room in our home, but for good reasons.

    I read / viewed most of your links here. Thank you for all the energy you share in your blog with us. You help me feel some sort of connection to the outside world as I self contain in my home with Yorkie.

    Sunday Funday!
    I enjoyed seeing your winter snow on Tuesday.

    • Are there state dogs, TD? Now you have me wondering!

      I think if I didn’t have children, the kitchen would be the messiest room in our home. I definitely have times of day where it is. It’s just so often USED. I do like to tidy/clean it every evening though because I know future Kate appreciates a clean kitchen in the morning.

      Glad to hear that you’re still safe and sound at home with your Yorkie. I feel like a lot of people have hit the pandemic wall and have decided they’re just done with it. I don’t blame them, but I do judge them a little. 😉

      We got a little more snow over the weekend and a slight dusting yet today. It’s bitter, bitter cold (negative temps and windchills) but I do love winter!

      • Hi Kate! There are only 13 state dogs!! Lacy is a hound type, smooth and sleek, brown with blue eyes, working ranch dog was designated as Texas State dog in 2005 by governor Rick Perry. They are rare, but beauties. I’ve never owned one. I was surprised!

        I like a very clean kitchen, but as I’ve aged there are some days when the dishes seem to slowly pile up in the sink. Mostly because I admit that 5 minute unloading the dishwasher just seems overwhelming! I know that sounds silly. It’s not a daily thing, but a sometimes thing. I like to keep my home and property clean and organized. Usually people who come into my home say “you are so organized” and a new neighbor told me that it’s my talent. I would be the same with or without children and with or without a life-partner.

        I have not hit a wall with the pandemic. Though I do feel isolated. I am just now getting to the point of being able to slow my project list, rest and sleep better.

        Today weather-wise was absolutely gorgeous for the summer bug I am. I was in my bathing suit enjoying the huge yard that I’ve grown. My mow person came this morning and I just soaked it all up knowing it’s February in the mid-winter. Tonight the fog is settled overhead and cold temps are expected overnight. Deep Freeze temps are a coming. (I do remember the -11 temps, blizzards and 4 feet of snow from my Colorado year’s of life. I’m not a winter bug like you. So I’m glad I’m here. But love to see the snow pics!!!

        This is my birthday month, so I’m smiling for today!!

        • I’m sorry to hear you feel isolated but am so glad you haven’t hit a wall. I think that’s really wonderful.

          We’re kindred spirits in organization and in wanting super clean kitchens. I’ve had to let go of that a bit this year. Too many people around all the time for me to keep things as organized as I like and my sanity.

          • Oh Kate, the feelings of isolation are fleeting which come and go. Thank you.

            A business acquaintance of mine that I occasionally speak freely with over a decade now, spoke with me over the phone this week. I mentioned that it’s my birthday month and the response was: “You made it around the sun another year.” I just love that!!! I think I will stop sharing how many number of times that I have circled the sun. ?

            Yes we are kindred spirits trying to keep our sanity!!