1. Stay cigarette free. (Over one year and counting!).
  2. Finish the Chicago embroidery project.
  3. Have the embroidered cities framed and hung.
  4. Fill a box of socks for me (with at least three different patterns).
  5. Knit a sweater.
  6. Organize the photos I have printed.
  7. Practice unapologetic self-confidence.
  8. Reframe my mom’s graduation picture.
  9. Hang pictures in upstairs hallway.
  10. Get a mole screen.
  11. Get a mammogram.
  12. Tend the garden.
  13. Go to Michigan.
  14. Take a one week family vacation, just the four of us.
  15. Go on a one-on-one weekend with each of my kiddos.
  16. Take a one week vacation for myself.
  17. Get a (paying) job.
  18. Floss.
  19. Complete the bathroom remodel.
  20. Host Champsgiving-Thanksgiving.
  21. Keep practicing manicure skills.
  22. Complete a 100 day project.
  23. Reach my goal for the 2021 goodreads reading challenge.
  24. Fill a sketchbook with creative messes.
  25. Celebrate mistakes (mine and others).
  26. Switch my office/Violet’s bedroom.
  27. Take a downhill skiing lesson.
  28. Do a kitchen cupboard/cabinet purge.
  29. Go to a theater performance.
  30. Return the dining room-school room back to a dining room (but with a bar cart full of games/puzzles).
  31. Buy myself a pretty pair of not drugstore/gas station/Target sunglasses.
  32. Take impeccable care of my skin.
  33. Try something new in knitting. (Bobbles?)
  34. Cultivate a comfortable, welcoming home.
  35. Establish (at least) every-other week dates with Jesse.
  36. Purge/Recycle excess technology.
  37. Update the family recipe box/binder.
  38. Get at least a silver (15 active days) in my monthly activity challenge every month.
  39. Zero pop.
  40. Put together/refine the home maintenance binder & checklists.
  41. Celebrate my people.
  42. Learn how to use the boat/backup the trailer with proficiency.
  43. Relish everyday accomplishments.

Birthday posts from 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42. (I guess I was too busy celebrating 41.)

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  • Happy Birthday, Katie! I love lists like these.
    I’m going to start using “go fill a box of socks” as a swear word.

    • Thank you, Kari!! It was a wonderful day! Love the idea of “fills box of socks” as a swear. I may copy you.

  • Happy birthday, Kate! I love your list—it inspires me to make my own, which would be easy because I could just copy about half of yours. 🙂

    I’m curious about #34. From what you share of your home, it seems it must already comfortable and welcoming. I’m wondering how you might like it to be different?

    And sending you strength for #42. In a previous life, my husband and I owned a boat with a trailer. I never did really get proficient at backing up the trailer, and it always felt like a failing to me. I could do OK if there were few/no other people at the ramp, but if I had any sense that others were waiting on me, I lost all confidence (and skill). I also hated being the one to drive the boat onto the ramp, and I hated being the kind of woman whose husband had to do both tasks. I love being a woman who doesn’t own a boat!

    Wishing you a happy day and happy year. I can certainly understand why there was no list for 41. On to better days!

    • Hi Rita! Love the question about 34. I feel like our home is cozy and welcoming to US, but as pandemic restrictions lessen, I want it to be a place where friends feel welcome and where my kids’ friends hang. I have a hard time relaxing into that and I want to get better – especially as my kids are getting older.

      You made me laugh with the “I love being a woman who doesn’t own a boat.” Isn’t nice to know (and live) what we love whenever possible?

  • May your 43rd be magically fabulous!!! Looking forward to seeing favorite photos of your birthday trip with your family soon.

  • I saw your birthday photos on IG and I love your list. This is a wonderful birthday tradition. Ditto what Kari said about “go fill a box of socks.” That phrase will come in handy– and baffle the heck out of whoever hears me say it. Win-win