Tuesday Things

I met up with a friend and her two young children for breakfast today. We talked favorite colors and Rescue Bots and being nervous/excited for kindergarten. It was a gift. I’ve been crying (often) at the linear nature of time, and wishing that 33-year-old-Kate could have the wisdom of 43-year-old-Kate and that I had an afternoon (or year, or whole lifetime) with the little people who have become bigger people. I know everyone tells you…but like everything else you can’t know until you experience it, and by then it’s too late. I’m not above being a toddler at the unfairness of it all.

We’ve had sleepovers and birthday celebrations and (not enough) time with out of town family. V finished school last week, goes to camp next week, and starts high school swim the week following. A will be at camp a week after V. We started shopping for school. The summer bucket list is half complete, but I doubt we’ll finish much of the remainder. I feel like every year at this time I talk about how the days are lost to laundry and lunch making and this year is no different.

Let’s talk things.

Knitting: I’m in the process of switching over my office/craft space with V’s bedroom and that has involved some inventory taking. I need to knit faster. I’ve almost finished a pair of vanilla socks (I tried a twisted 1-1 rib on the cuff for the first time and really like it). I have my next pair picked out and I’m going to do a hat that I’ve stashed away.

Watching: Ted Lasso (Apple) is back and I’m THRILLED. I watched the final season of Atypical (Netflix) and have been watching Bloom (a florist British Bake Show on HBO) with Violet. It’s very sweet.

Reading: Our 7PM family reading time has gone by the wayside since summer started, and it shows in my list. I’ve read the first two stories in the Agatha Raisin series (Ally, I think you recommended these?). They’re a very sweet British murder mystery. Beach Read by Emily Henry (★★★★★). I think Midnight Library will be next.

Making: Summer = popsicles. These pineapple-orange-banana ones are a bit icy, but good. This week, I made some mango/coconut popsicles but realized I’m not a fan of mango. Abram (who likes mango) thinks they’re really delicious. Next, I’m going to make these blueberry coconut ones. We decided we’re going to try to eat at home for every meal this month. I’d love some simple, good, quick recipes if you have any. Banana bread. This shrimp dish (which never has any leftovers). Salmon salad. (Even my non-salmon lovers enjoy it in this salad. It’s a little bit of work, but worth it so I’m only making one dinner that everyone enjoys.) And I can’t eat nuts right now with the braces, but if you can, make this salad. I’ve been known to use precooked beets (love beets is the brand) from the supermarket in a pinch. It’s my favorite salad.

So that’s me. What have you been -ing since we talked last?

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  • Ah, Kate. If your sparse posting means that you’ve been soaking in these days with your kiddos, I’ll take it. (Though I do love when you post.) Although I’m sure your days contain plenty of all the monotonous, annoying, frustrating parts of parenting young teens, your photos make it seem the way it feel when I look back on it now: idyllic, wondrous, joyful. I mean, I remember how I sometimes struggled. I know that’s not very real. But I long for it, anyway. Have been pondering the linear nature of time and how it plays with our heads quite a bit lately, as I spend more time than I probably should in the past. It’s a bittersweet place. I try not to let it steal too much from the present, but sometimes I just so miss the earlier versions of all those I love, even those who are still with me now. I go back there so I can be with them, and even with the earlier me. It’s a thing I’ve been wanting to write through, but I can’t yet. Maybe time isn’t really linear at all?

    Thank you for letting me know that the final season of Atypical has dropped. We need to watch something other than HGTV. I’ve been listening to a lot of light reads. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Midnight Library. Many love it; I did not. (Didn’t even finish it.) I gave my mom a set of Agatha Raisin videos (BBC, I think?) for her birthday last year, and she really liked them. Agatha is played by the actress who was the blonde friend in Catastrophe; I’d like to see that myself. I always liked her.

    • Pictures have a wonderful way of cementing the good. I think part of the lag in posting has something to do with the fact that I’m struggling to put words to this time.

      Now I think Midnight Library will have to be my next book. I’ve only had one person recommend it, but I’m curious how I’m going to fall.

      I want to watch those Agatha Raisin videos too!!

  • Hi Kate!
    It’s lovely to see a post from you. I’m so glad to see your summer is going well. I know exactly what you mean about time and wisdom and wishing—I feel all these things too.

    I love your photos, as always. Do you have a plan for the yarn in the first picture? The colours are gorgeous.

    I watched the first episode of Ted Lasso and then for some reason didn’t watch any more. I’ll have to check it out again. Atypical was wonderful! I’ve been watching W1A, which is a mockumentary about the BBC. It’s filled with dry humour, and I’ve been loving it. We watched season 1 of Ghosts a few weeks ago. This is a BBC production and it’s both hilarious and touching. I’m reading Les Miserables and spelling that off with a children’s series—Tove Jansson’s Moomins. I’m slowly knitting away at another cardigan, and I’ve also been tending the veggie garden and trying to write. (Related: I set time limits on my phone to quell my doom-scrolling.) We’re currently in a week-long lull with only the three of us home (my husband, our youngest son, and me), so I’ve been cleaning like crazy to prepare for the next wave of grown children and their partners.

    • So good to hear from you!!! The yarn in the first picture is actually yarn from the Sleeping Bear Yarn Club. I’ve been a member for seven years and I LOVE it, but I think this will be my last year. I can’t keep up!!

      I can understand stopping after the first episode of Ted Lasso. It was the third episode (I think) that cemented it as maybe my favorite show everything.

      Oh please message me a picture of the first cardigan! I’m sure it’s gorgeous. Is the next one for you?

      Do you know when the next wave is going to be?

      • By next wave, I meant next wave of adult children. I guess it could take on a different meaning in these times and I’m not asking you to be clairvoyant!

        • I don’t think I could keep up with a yarn club either—and it would be terrible for my anxiety (whenever I have too many things lined up, I get overwhelmed). I have not actually finished the first two cardigans! I got caught up in indecision about how to proceed with some finishing touches on the first, decided to start the second—and then had the same problem with that one—and then rather than doing the work of figuring things out, I started the third! (This is not helping with my overwhelm, but the knitting itself is therapeutic.) All three are for me, which seems excessive, but I’m replacing some that are completely worn out.

          I, too, saw the double meaning of “wave” in my comment. My daughter and her partner will be coming on Saturday, and we’re also expecting our older son to be back home again sometime this weekend. As to the other wave, our cases are rising again, which was to be expected with the loosening of restrictions. I’m hoping this one won’t be as bad as the last one was; our vaccination rates are quite high, so perhaps that will be enough to dampen it.

          • I hope you have a wonderful time! I’ve spent the last two-three months enjoying my vaccinated freedom, because I’ve been afraid it wouldn’t stick. I hope your wave stays low. I have a friend in the medical field who is pretty concerned. It’s all so frustrating so I try not to think about it (or doom scroll!) I actually meant to say – Abram was telling me that it’s unfair that they have limits and I don’t so I had him set a passcode limit on my phone for me. It’s been SO good for me because I hate asking him for more time. It’s humbling, you know?

  • I love Agatha Raisin so I very well could have suggested them. She is dippy but intriguing. I love your photos, all of them. You are a good photographer. I don’t think I have ever had a bucket list. I’ve resisted the term, but I like the concept behind one.

    As for what I’ve been doing… turned an old hamburger recipe into a new turkey burger recipe. Been reading Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel, because I overthink it all the time. Went to CostCo, and Kroger, and Whole Foods, and… my heavens, I live a dull life.

    • She’s such a great character! I love her! I’m glad you suggested them!

      I love your -ings. They sound like calm and comfortable days! My friends and I refer to that as the “good kind of boring”!!

      I can see resisting the term. We could also call it a wishlist. But I like it for trying to make sure we get to do the things we most want to do!

  • Your summer photos are definitely fun, Kate! I’m happy for you that your family has been able to enjoy so much together. I thought it was funny to allow your young son to be in control of your screen time. He has a very good point! I am curious why the changing of rooms? Is there a story behind that story line?

    The house that I was raised in my childhood from age 6 to 18, I lived in 3 of 4 bedrooms (never the master bedroom). There was always a story line as to each movement from one room to another.

    This is a a big undertaking of object movement! Yet, it is truly a great way to clean and let go of unused belongings outgrown!! Refreshing actually.


    Reading the same book as it gets more and more interesting.

    Watching a lot of news on TV. I seem to enjoy being the observer of what’s going on outside of my little nesting cottage. A neighbor did see me going out on errands and said to me that she was glad to see me get out of my cocoon. A cocoon sounds like I’m a worm and she prefers me to be a butterfly. I like the sounds of a nest and flying like a bird.

    Designing a new system for my financial affairs. At the beginning of the month I met with a professional for advice as I have been feeling overwhelmed with my complex situation. I think I received sound advice (pro’s and con’s) and the professionals are working with me to go through the process. This week I was mind boggling with designing a new system for my financial management. This is at least a three month process as I work through it. This is a scary, emotional and hard process. I hope to feel relief soon.

    Feeling less pain from the new meds a few months ago and I am adjusting to where I’m able to stay awake to read, to do and to just be me. Now that I have less pain I hope I will be able to focus on the current process challenge.

    I too get those similar feeling of missing the younger versions of myself and your version of those I love. I don’t know what it’s about or if it is the human experience when we count passing of time in a linear way with a beginning and an end. I also think passing of time can be cycling in a loop or circle.

    • Thank you for being patient with my delayed reply, TD. Summer has been hectic. It sounds like you have a great deal going on yourself and I hope that everything is working out well for you.

      No real story to the bedroom switch. Just a space swap. I really hope to have both of us fully settled before school starts.

  • I always look forward to your pictures. They make every season feel so very much IN that season, if I’m making any sense.

    I am going to add Atypical to my list. I think it would be a good show to watch with Ella.

    Keep summering, Kate. I never want it to come to an end. 🙂

    • What a wonderful thing to say about my pictures, Kari. I hope you’re getting to squeeze every last drop of summer out of August!