Tuesday Things

In the way of things, I have very little so I’m mostly going to ramble (shortly) and share a picture of the cutest, love-hungriest dog in the world.

I finished a pair of socks, started another pair of socks. Haven’t read a book though I’ve added a few titles to the TBR pile. No shows to recommend, but I’ve rewatched some Doctor Who, Friends, and the Twilight series. I’ve been coloring “scribbles” in my sketchbook. My mom used to make them for me when I was a kid – a whirly line that overlapped and looped on itself so you that you had all these different places to color and then connected to the beginning. I made them for my kids. Now I make them for myself and pretend I’m a kid.

Life has been full. All the things has been hectic and overcrowded and good and hard and my soul is tired. Doing this whole adolescent-parenting-pandemic-world-on-fire life is HARD. I cry a lot. (I remember teasing my grandmother because she cried over EVERYTHING only to turn into her.) I’m okay. Or at least I’m okay not being okay which feels kind of like the same thing.

Blog friends, I’ve been a bad pen pal and lurking. I mostly have time to read your blogs (and my comments) while waiting at one thing or another and I hate typing out comments on my phone. I tell myself I will reply when I get in front of a computer but the minute I’m done with whatever computing, I want to be away from the screens and coloring scribbles (or whatever fun I can find). I appreciate your patience with me. I love your stories and pictures and am grateful for the spaces we have cultivated.

Hope this finds you doing well and soaking up summer in the best kind of way. As always, I’d love to hear about your -ings.


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  • I remember doing scribbles. I liked them as much as, maybe more than, a real coloring book. Doing them as an adult sounds great.

    I don’t use my phone to write comments on blogs. The few times I’ve tried I decided it was too much effort. But like you I read something on the phone then never get back to my computer to leave a comment. I understand.

    As for an “-ing” I’ve done lately. We watched Deadwater Fell with David Tennant over the weekend. It’s a four part British murder mystery that was… interesting… in a slow *I’ll play a game on my phone while I watch it* way. But the story has stayed with me, so good.

    Take care. Always great to read your blog, and as for your puppy dog– he’s too cute.

    • I love David Tennant. I think I need to look that up. My mom loves British murder mystery so I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it from her and I’ll pass it along and get brownie points. Thank you!! 😉

  • Glad to hear from you anytime, Kate. I read your note on your previous post. You certainly have not been a bad pen pal at all, Kate. And it is perfectly fine to be lurking!!!

    I can only imagine all the activities and excitement that having children could bring into a Summer! Swapping room space may take time getting to both of your comfort zones. Give yourself grace as well to work through the process and change as you settle into a different season of life.

    I have actually had a very quiet Summer in comparison to my previous dozen years. The “quiet space” of this particular Summer is much appreciated by my mind, embraced by my spirit and much welcomed for my body.

    As I watched morning news programs, I wondered when your children would be returning to school. Here, school begins today and tomorrow. There will be no remote learning offered.

    I cry too about all sorts of stuff! I remind myself that “I’m okay” at least once every hour and several times as I wind down at night in bed. Some days more than others!

    • We return in September, but V’s swim season has already started. Our schools are debating requiring mask use in the buildings, but besides that it sounds as if things will be returning to “normal”.

      Thank you for the kind words and grace. It’s appreciated, TD.

  • I totally understand wanting to wait to comment on the computer. I hate commenting on my phone as well.

    Oh my goodness, cry away. I feel you on the teenager/pandemic/life/world on fire/ front. I’m right there too.

    I’ve been reading a really good book about reincarnation and The Artist’s Way. I feel like it’s a good mix.

    • I thought you’d understand, Kari. It’s just A LOT. I mean, a lot of good too, but A LOT.

      I haven’t heard of The Artist’s Way. That intrigues me.

      • Hi Kate and Kari, I too read the Artist’s Way when I was 38 yo. It was recommended by the boyfriend that I was dating at that time as he was going to an Art School reading it for a course. He really liked it. I had already been working as an artist for over a decade with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, so I really didn’t get into the book. I find it interesting that the community of bloggers and commentators have read this same book at various times! I think that you might enjoy the book and the exercises when your children are back in school.

        I agree that this is really a hard time with the delta virus on the rise. All our ICU beds are full! I canceled a doctor appointment and I rescheduled my financial meetings to do over the phone instead of in person. I do understand how hard this is as it is a lot. Great to pay attention to the good happenings as well.

  • I have been away from home and haven’t commented because I, too, the typing comments on my phone, but I just wanted to say: Yes. As I’m absorbing this week’s news and events, HARD is making me feel so soft. I’m afraid to even start writing about my parenting self because … well, I can’t even go there here. I’m so grateful for these connections we have, such as they are. We need them.

    As for -Ings: stewing, remembering, regretting, hoping, reflecting, wondering, grieving.

    • Your -ings sound familiar and I appreciate you letting me know I’m not alone. Hope you enjoyed your time away from home (at home from the sounds of your blog.)

      • Oh, you are so not alone. What I wouldn’t give to have a nice, long chat with you in person. Kari’s post today is a good reminder to stay focused on the day I’m in. It’s been easier for me to do that this summer than it has ever been. Knowing I am not returning to full-time work in the fall has made all the difference, and shown me how much projecting into the future impacts my present. At the same time, don’t want to live with my head in the sand about what’s happening. Being aware of what’s truly happening–and feeling all the feelings that arise in response–is a way of being present, too. I’m still figuring it all out. I supposed I’ll be doing that until I die.