Friday Finds

  1. I’ve become more of a morning person over the summer. I may try and incorporate these ideas to keep it going.
  2. On a scale of 1-5 where do you fall? (I’m probably a 3.)
  3. NYT recommended book list for fall 2021.
  4. Grocery shopping inspo.
  5. I’ve started Christmas shopping (and updated my wishlist).
  6. I find this to be satisfying eye candy.
  7. Also amazing.
  8. This makes me want a pool.
  9. Just when I think the world can’t be weirder, this.
  10. Robin is one of my favorites.
  11. Toxic positivity is bad for kids.
  12. My retirement dream.
  13. Hmmmm.
  14. To send your real life pen-pal.
  15. Habits vs. routines.
  16. Make a playlist with friends on Spotify.
  17. It’s almost time to decorate pumpkins.
  18. I guess I’m going to have to break out the puzzles again.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  • I’ve been on the Kitchn website for 30 minutes having fun. Just when I think I can’t love you more, you give me even more to love.
    Then, BAM, asshole bleaching. Which, by the way, is an excellent band name.
    Happy Friday, my friend.

    • Do you have any faves on the list? I will say that Rao’s pizza sauce is a huge favorite of ours so I was excited to see that.

      And isn’t asshole sunning just something…I wonder if I didn’t have neighbors so close if I would actually try it?!? I loved skinny dipping as a kid. That’s kind of the same thing. 😂

  • What a treat to see a Friday Finds on a Saturday night. (Not commenting until now because I enjoyed it on my phone.)

    I love the article on toxic positivity, and I so wish that I’d known more of this when I was raising my kids. I don’t think I did much in the way of requiring happiness, but I wish I’d known to teach them more about their emotions. Of course, I’d have had to know these things myself, and I really didn’t then. I also love the article on puzzles. 🙂 It makes me want to put a puzzle table in my classroom, though that would probably lead to a breaking of covid protocols. 🙁

    The grocery shopping list was fun–many of my favorite items were on it, and I found some new things to try. (Seeing my favs there gave me confidence in the quality of the other things on it.) Buying good ingredients is one of my indulgences. Not that I don’t also buy crap, too. No fancy stores close to my house.

    And so much yeah on the whole “sunbathing” thing. WTAF? Don’t know if I could even get my body into that pose anymore.

    I always love seeing what you’ve been seeing. Such a nice mix of serious, interesting, fun, and just cool.

    • I’m so glad your getting enjoyment on your porch!! We’ve had lovely fall weather! Hope you are too! It’s been so long since I’ve done one. When I was digging through saved links, so many were outdated!! I need to get back into a routine with them.

      Please share some of your favorites on the grocery items – we use a few, but am definitely looking to incorporate more. (I agree with you on the seeing faves increased confidence.)

      • Some of my favorites: Bonne Maman jams (probably only because I first had it in France and I love the jar/label), Rao’s pasta sauces, Newman’s Own lemonade, Dave’s Killer Bread, Thomas’ English muffins, Colavita balsamic vinegar, Cento tomato paste, Better Than Bouillon broth base (I have chicken, beef, and vegetable in my fridge right now), King Arthur flour, Ghirardelli brownie mix (the only one I buy!), Land O Lakes butter (but I don’t get it often because it’s expensive and there is a locally-produced option), Daisy sour cream, meats from Applegate, Ben & Jerry’s Chunkey Monkey (a longtime fav).

        There are definitely some other things on the list I want to try. Scrolling through the list again, I see that I need to expand the kinds of foods I make/eat. A fall/winter project….(adding that to a long list). Which ones do you use?

        • I’m glad to see you second the balsamic! I don’t care for balsamic, but Jesse is a fan and I’ve been trying to find one for him for awhile. Our favorites have a lot of overlap. Besides the balsamic, I think the only thing you mentioned we don’t use is the lemonade. Oops! Missed the chunky monkey. I’m decidedly a cherry Garcia fan and Jesse is Phish Food. 😉 We also use the red boat fish sauce, bob’s red mill rolled oats, California ranch evoo, wild planet tuna, Annie’s Mac ‘n cheese, Cheerios, spindrift, and SO much Hidden Valley Ranch. I like the idea of expanding my list to include a few more items.

          I actually looked for Duke’s mayonnaise, Smucker’s PB, and the Maesri red curry paste today when I did my grocery shopping but my store didn’t carry them.

          • Yes, I know that my usual stores (I have to go multiple places most weeks) don’t carry all of the items on their list. I’m going to look for the Wild Planet tuna–I’d really like that. I sort of like the validation for Hidden Valley Ranch; I’m glad that not everything on the list comes from a specialty brand. And here I will admit that I’ve never liked Annie’s Mac n Cheese; I’m Kraft with the neon-orange noodles all the way. It’s a comfort food for me.

          • Hi Kate and Rita,
            I just wanted to chime in to say how much I’ve been enjoying reading this conversation 🙂 . Grocery shopping is the only kind of shopping I enjoy, and it was fun to scroll through that link and see all the brands. When we moved to Minnesota (home of Land O’Lakes butter, btw), I missed all the familiar brands I could no longer get, and whenever we would take a trip back home, I’d pick up some of our favourite groceries and pack them in our suitcases. After moving back to Canada after more than a decade in MN, though, I ended up missing some of the American brands I had gotten used to and could no longer get. Related: my 16-year-old loves to armchair travel via Google Earth, and recently we “went to” Duluth and while there had to check out our usual grocery stores. 🙂

          • It makes me so sad I was never notified of these comments!! I love them. I completely get what you’re saying about missing “home” foods. Maybe not to the same extent, but there is a large difference between here and where I grew up in terms of what’s available (particularly in terms of produce).

            I can’t make myself go to multiple stores. Which is why I never go to Aldi’s despite hearing they have the best (and most reasonably priced) produce. I wish I liked grocery shopping as much as Marian but it’s not a chore I enjoy. (Actually I don’t mind the shopping so much as the loading, unloading, and then loading, unloading of the groceries.)

            I completely get being pro-Kraft. I made the shift in my early 20’s (I actually worked at a Whole Foods for a bit in college) so that transition was made early.

  • I’m back to blogging so I’m checking in with you. I read that article about toxic positivity and find myself in complete agreement, same goes for adults too.

    The difference between routines and habits is a new idea for me. I’m going to be thinking about that more over the next few days. I like the idea that “motivation is the desire to escape discomfort.” Again a new way to think about something.

    All is well with you? Love the photo at the top of the post.

    • Ally!!! So good to hear from you! I noticed that you were back to the blogging world and have been lurking on your posts and not commenting much because I find myself reading blogs in the parking lots while waiting to pick up one child or the other and I hate commenting on my phone so then I just don’t get around to it! This is the first time I’ve sat at my computer in over a week!!

      All is well. I’m in a fun phase, but different, hectic, and with very scattered down time. Looking forward to more posts from you!! I love to read them, even if I don’t get a chance to comment!