Tuesday Things

The to do list is at a whisper for the first time in weeks and it’s Tuesday so I thought I’d say hello. Most of the leaves have fallen (we have two trees that are holding out yet) and we had our first smattering of snow. The neighborhood deer are starting to scrounge for food so we either bring in the bird feeders or they’re emptied over night. (At $80 for a 50 pound bag of safflower, we bring them in.)

Cross country season finished. Basketball began. Swim isn’t quite over yet, but will be soon. I spend hours every week sitting in a car waiting to pick someone up from some thing or another. Running kids, listening to them with friends, and chatting on the sidelines with fellow parents feels wonderful after almost two years.

Being back on meds has created space for me to feel feelings without being overwhelmed by them. And I’m always feeling every thing. I am well and content and happy but also grieving and sad and scared. I still cry a lot. The big jumble is good/comfortable, but hard to write and part of why this little corner has been so quiet. The other reason is things.

Let’s talk about them, shall we:

Knitting: I finished Jesse’s socks, started (and finished) a pair with knitted wit‘s melted crayon colorway, knit up a sockhead hat with some gorgeous merino/cashmere/nylon yarn club V dug out, and now am on the second sock of yet one more pair of socks using must stash’s vespa colorway.

Watching: All that knitting results equates to a lot of television watching. I finished the most recent season of Ted Lasso (Apple TV), You (Netflix), Sex Education (Netflix), and have been watching Succession (HBO). Ted Lasso is still my favorite television show EVER. Movies watched include Black Widow, Free Guy, and Promising Young Woman. Titanic came out on Netflix so watched that one night with V. It’s crazy to me how old that movie is and how it was such a moment. (He totally could have fit. And young Leo…swoony.)

Reading: I finished Verity by Colleen Hoover (not for me), The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson (okay), and Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett (recommended by V, cute). I have nothing going currently, but a recommendation for Bright Side and have hopes to read something over the weekend.

Making: I have some embroidery projects going for Christmas and have spent a good chunk of time working on my Chicago cross stitch project. I’m already mulling ideas for what I’m going to attempt after Chicago is finished. Copied a neighbor and made this apple cake after she posted it on instagram. It was delicious. We’ve also been doing some puzzling. This one was a favorite. And lastly, I made myself a promise that I would take at least one peloton class a day for the month of October and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever kept a daily October challenge. I rode over 150 miles and hit some fun milestones. (I have 100% drank the peloton kool-aid. I love that thing.)

So that’s me. I’m spending my days getting up early, drinking coffee, checking things off my to do list, making pretty things, loving my people, day dreaming, and going to bed early. Not a bad way to spend a life. I’d love if you caught me up on what you are -ing.

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  • Your -ings sound wonderful and I am envious. My days are fuller than I’d like with teaching, and at the end of them when I have time for other -ings I’m too tired for most of them.

    I’m glad the medication is helping, and that life is feeling more manageable. As usual, I adore your photos. The one of V is so nice. I don’t know them, but I feel as if this shot must surely capture their essence. That Annie Dillard quotation has long been a favorite of mine. I think it’s so true.

    • I love how that quote is so obvious, but also kind of smacks you over the head.

      I wish I could take a picture that really captured V in all their awesomeness. I do love this one though.

      Lastly, the joy I hear in your blog posts I hope makes up for the lack of current -ings!!

  • Hi Kate!
    It’s lovely to see a post from you. Love your photos, as always, especially the one of the sock yarn blanket and the one of V (their outfit is fabulous!). I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling less overwhelmed. (I imagine all the exercising has helped too.) Now that I’m back to sock knitting (I’m nearly always now knitting when sitting), I’m feeling a bit better too, but I know I would feel a whole lot better if I could get back to a regular exercise routine like you have. I’m binge-reading Agatha Christie, which makes for great escapism. Before that, though, I read George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo, which I loved. I’m not sure if you’re able to get any BBC shows on any of your streaming services, but if you can, Ghosts is a fantastic show. (I think there’s now an American version, but I’ve only watched the British one.) Have a good week, Kate!

    • I read an Agatha Christie over the summer (?) and absolutely LOVED it. I remember trying to read them in middle school and they just went over my head. I need to make an effort to read more!

      I’m going to see if I can track down the BBC Ghosts.

      Isn’t that outfit awesome? When V asked if they could do suspenders and a bow tie they were sure I would say no, but I really wanted to wear a tux to prom my senior year (my mom said no) so it was nice to surprise them. 😉

      The exercise habit is a hard one to start this time of year (I think) but I’ve been slowly working on it since February. I hope to stick with it throughout the winter!! I remember when you were doing really well with your walking! It was inspiring!

      So good to hear from you, Marian!

  • Your days sound idyllic. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I like your puzzle very much, the names and the colors are fun. Some puzzles are stodgy and drab. Yours is better.

    What I’ve been doing… I’m back to blogging, I’m talking with contractors about home improvement projects, I’m sorting through stuff in the house attempting to get organized. I’m pretty much trying to decide what to do next in all aspects of my life. Kind of exciting, kind of stressful. Almost like the before times

    • I like the sound of your days too, Ally!! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging. Maybe less fun with the contractors, but dreaming about those projects sure is fun!! Also, I love sorting stuff. It’s one of my favorite things. In another life I have a home organizing business!

  • I’m glad your medication is helping you. It has also helped me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my daily soul work, the meds, or a combination of the two that has improved my life.

    I’ve been homeschooling, reading, seeing friends and family, going to horses with Ella, and writing. Ella and I have been watching a lot of old movies that are new to her, and it’s been so much fun.

    • I’m sure it’s both, Kari. I’ve found that medication makes room for me to do the things that keep me mentally healthy. It’s like diet and exercise – one is good, the two together are pretty powerful.

      Your days sound really lovely. I’m glad. As for old movies, a friend and I were just talking about how 70’s-80’s kids have THE BEST movies!

  • “The to do list is at a whisper…”; I so much love this statement, Kate!

    I’m spending my days waking up naturally early 5-7 a.m., talking with Yorkie about our agenda, sipping coffee in the sunroom, watching the local news stations, listening to the birds on the front porch, walking Yorkie three times a week, making daily brunch, piddling random chores, reviewing my memory boards daily, reconnecting with responsibilities, painting interior (5 year projection), watching the St. Augustine grow, hiring a new lawn service, hearing the acorns fall, enjoying my neighbors (with my mask), chatting with a passerby on bikes, jogs or walks, resting body and mind on our bed mid-day while Yorkie naps, letting go of thoughts, things, and people that are no longer good energy sources, reading new to me blogs, returning to my piddling in house or yard, cooking southern supper by 3 p.m., relaxing on back patio for sunsets, birding, stars and moon gazing, tucking us in bed around 7:30 p.m. (which Yorkie tells me is her bedtime), night dreams of people from yesteryear come to visit me with unusual messages, and feeling every minute of our life together.

    Receiving delivery today, baking that Granny Green Apple Cake!! Adding ground cardamom and walnuts for a brunch cake or coffee morning. That’s Yorkie & me embracing a slow simple life for now.

    Smiling to read your days on a Welcoming Wednesday!! So happy meds are kicking in with focus on family. “Not a bad way to spend a life.” That’s absolutely true!!!

    • Your days sound really wonderful, TD. Thank you for sharing them with me. I especially love your evening – moon gazing and birding sound like lovely ways to close out the day.

      • Oh I would not say my days are really wonderful, Kate. I’m struggling as I think you already know. These are -ings that I’ve been doing the past week. I would say some days are better than others and I’m dealing with each day, one day at a time, one -ing at a time.

      • I was heavy in the low mood swing yesterday! Woke up to a gloomy weather winter cold front and a headache that both lasted all day. I The weather is a depression trigger for me. Is for you?

        Sun is out today and I’m feeling less depression. Yo-yo-ing!

  • Your memo board helped me today think deeply about what is most important to me to refocus how I spend my time is how I spend my life!

    So Kate, I have decided to take a break from blogs to completely focus on my private life on my home life, interior painting and walks on the bay and beach with Yorkie. Fewer tourists and great weather most of the time Nov-mid- March (then the tourists crowds show up again).

    So I want to wish you, your family and blog friends magical holiday seasons!!!

    • Enjoy your break, TD!! Social media breaks/blog breaks are super helpful to me when I’m struggling. Hope you find the same!