Friday Finds

It’s been a bit. In sorting through my links, I had way too many age out. I guess that just means I need to be doing this more often.

  1. Barkeepers friend, baking soda, and vinegar are all must haves on my list. Do you agree?
  2. Speaking of vinegar, it saved my favorite wool rug this weekend.
  3. Kids’ bathroom mirror inspiration with these colors being the mood.
  4. I have a lot of thoughts/feelings about this.
  5. Creativity as a key to healthy aging?
  6. This happening is a true fear of mine.
  7. And this is a lovely way to create a rainbow.
  8. I read this during an extra long pick up wait. The second suggestion makes a huge difference in our home.
  9. Gorgeous artistry.
  10. Do you have a favorite love language? I don’t know mine (I like them all) but Jesse’s is definitely acts of service.
  11. Netflix this month. Hulu next month.
  12. Yeah. I could throw back a few Dark & Stormys lately.
  13. I have too many projects, but this is so pretty that I want to add it to my ever growing pile.
  14. I would add, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” to this list.
  15. Polar bears in abandoned buildings.
  16. Fruit flavors pairing chart.

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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  • Yes to #1. I always have those items around the house. I’ve been thinking on the love language idea this week and I dunno that I have just one. It depends of the person and the situation and my mood. I like the theory of it, though. The photos of polar bears in buildings are trippy. I feel like it’s encouraging in an offbeat way. At least the buildings aren’t going to waste.

    • I agree that it depends on the person, situation, and mood, Ally!! And I definitely think that what I used to consider mine is less important to me as I’ve aged.

  • I guess maybe I need to pay for a subscription to The Atlantic; I’ve used my free articles for the month and so I can see these. I do have a workaround–following their master feed on Bloglovin’–but they publish so many articles I’m sure these are buried deep in the feed. 🙁

    But so many wonderful things here! I just love the visual things you share, always. If I had more time, I’d be figuring out how to create my own version of the Nordic embroidery designs (because $98 is too rich for my blood when I think I could create a facsimile). The 3-D embroidery is mind-blowing, as are the photos of the polar bears. I just kept wondering how the photographer was able to get close enough to take them. Because I wouldn’t want to be that close to a polar bear! They were both delightful and haunting at the same time, somehow. Which is probably an apt description for Better Things. So excited to see that a new season is dropping, but also sad because I think it’s the last one.

    I loved the article on creativity and aging, a question near and dear to me lately. I have SO MANY thoughts. Maybe I should do some Soduku so I can pare away the less fruitful ones. Except I hate Soduku; I hope the NYT word puzzles are some kind of equivalent.

    I am glad you saved your rug! I was pleased to see that I already know about and have most of the items on the cleaning essentials list. I guess I’ve picked up some knowledge in my decades of caring for a home. This is an area I’d like to become more knowledgeable about, though. I have done some experiments with making my own cleaners (trying to eliminate toxic chemicals), but they just didn’t clean very well. It’s on my list of things to learn more about.

    As for love language–well, I really like all of them, though gifts is lowest on my list. (Which probably explains why it is one I’m not very good at expressing.) Still, I know words of affirmation is my favorite. (Of course)

    Love your Friday Finds, whenever you can put one together. 🙂

    • Haunting is the PERFECT word for the polar bears in those buildings! My guess is a good telephoto lens. I know I wouldn’t want to get too close!!

      I actually really like Sudoku, but I have a colorku game board which uses colors instead of numbers and I LOVE that. My mom’s mom was a big word puzzle fan and I really believe that kept her brain young.

      I wonder if love languages ebb and flow? I used to love words of affirmation and wasn’t a big gifts person but now LOVE giving gifts or getting ones that are thoughtful and meaningful. And because I know that acts of service is Jesse’s it really does make me happy when he goes out of his way to do a chore I hate. I just think it’s fun to talk about them!

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rita!

  • You had some really great links this month.
    That perimenopause cocktail article will be saved for a menopause piece I’m working on. I mean, when they said YOU, IN THE WHAM T-SHIRT, I was a little triggered. 😉
    Those polar bear photos look like works of art.

    • Oh Kari, I somehow missed this comment until today! I hope you get my response. It was a little triggering, but so funny! Can’t wait to read your menopause post. I’m not there quite yet, but I’m definitely moving into the peri stages (ovaries are so much fun *eye roll*).

      Those polar pictures were so amazing. Rita said it perfectly when she called them haunting.

      Hope you’re doing well!!