Little Boxes

The other day, the Pete Seeger version of this came on in the car.

V: Wow. This song is DARK.
Me: Yeah. It really is.
A: I don’t get it. What is it about?
Me: I hate saying you’ll understand when you’re older, because I hated when people would say that to me, but I also don’t know how to explain it. You’ll get it, when you get it, I guess. I’m glad you don’t get it, yet.
A: Well, you can be glad, ‘cuz I don’t get it.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but I sure hope he never gets it.

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  • Well, it’s not GoT dark, but…yeah. It makes me think of Downtown Abbey or Age of Innocence or the Outer Party members of Orwell’s 1984: There’s a certain level of society that looks as if it would be more desirable than lower levels, but the price of living within it is a lack of freedom that is (to greater and lesser degrees, depending) invisible. And crushing. I had a friend born into one in which appearances are almost everything; her young life was quite different from mine. It would be nice if A could maintain a sort of innocence about all that, but also–I wish I’d understood the dynamics and impact of social class earlier in my life. Would have served me better than my naive idealism.

    (I like this kind of post, btw.)

    • You bring up an interesting point. I wonder if part of why V gets it and finds it so dark is because they don’t fit into a tidy little box and couldn’t even if they wanted to.

      But no – not chopping off heads and sleeping with siblings and other things I won’t mention because I don’t know how far you’ve gotten – dark. That’s a level unto itself.

  • I’ve never heard the whole song, just the first verse. I had no idea there was more to it. Quite the commentary on professionals who all look/do/seem just the same.

  • I love this type of post from you too, Kate. The dialogue is very interesting into what your age children might be thinking about. And your thoughts of how to respond is so thoughtful.

    I have not heard this song. And thought if it is dark, it Elbe best for me not to go there to listen. I’m sure that you will understand from where I am.

    Hope you do more of this type of conversation insights. Our children are so important as I have come to realize these past ten days. Not having children of my own, I know that I come from a different perspective. I think that you might understand what your children need.

    • Thank you for your kind works about my parenting. I don’t know if I do understand. I want to and I’m trying to and I hope they’ll see that.

      Don’t blame you for skipping the song. Hope you are well. 🙂

      • Thank you, Kate. I am okay. Still off anti-depressants med, so I do have my very low mood crying days. But the sun came out this morning ! That sunshine cheers in instantly!! Hope you are feeling well more days too!