Marco Island 2022

Abram and I decided very much on a whim to head to Marco Island, FL for spring break. Jesse had to work. Violet was going to NYC for a school trip and Abram’s basketball tournament plans were foiled by a mallet injury. My largest take away from this vacation was that I really want to make an effort to take one on one trips with my children.

Stayed: JW Marriott
Memorable Eats: Snook Inn (the jerk chicken wings were SO good), The Oyster Society, Marco Island Farmers Market (we visited a few stands here for breakfast and I definitely recommend).
Activities: Everglades Excursions (U.S.’s smallest post office, airboat tour, Everglades information), Calusa Spirit Tour (dolphin, shelling, dome house)
To remember: My favorite part of the whole trip was walking down the beach looking at all the different shells and if we have the opportunity to go again, I’d love to incorporate a kayaking trip. The Farmers’ Market is a do not miss, but get there early for parking and to avoid crowds.

*Yes, this a post-dated post. Re-entry got hectic so I didn’t get around to sharing when I got home, but with the magic of technology I get to post it where I want it to be archived.

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  • I think your son is at an age that he will fondly remember the experiences with his mother, Kate.
    My grandmother and great aunt took me at your son’s age from Houston, TX to Florida by car. My favorite photo memory was taken by her with me having large parrots standing on my shoulder.

    “ To remember: My favorite part of the whole trip was walking down the beach looking at all the different shells..” Kate, I certainly do relate with you on this!

    This morning Yorkie and I took a very windy walk at a nice park on the bay of the same Gulf of Mexico that you visited. It is 3 1/2 mile drive from my cottage to this park that I had not explored until today. The winds are gusting today and the waves are busting over the sea wall. We saw about ten people and three dogs. Made us both very happy! I’m glad to know that you love the beach and shells.

    • I hope so. I know it’s going to be a fond memory for me!!

      I love the thought of you with large parrots on your shoulder! How fun!!

      And I am VERY much a beach person. Growing up on Lake Michigan (which is basically a freshwater sea), we didn’t vacation much but we went to the beach A LOT. We don’t have shells like you find on the Gulf though and that’s a big treat!! I can see why you love living in that area!

  • We’ve stayed at that Marriott years ago. The location was great. Your photos make me sigh. What a wonderful fun trip for you two. I also like your ability to have your way with dates on the calendar. Your blog, your rules.

  • This looks pretty magical. The summer my marriage was ending, I found myself taking day trips with each of my children, separately. I especially remember a day with my daughter spent touring local art galleries, and one with my son touring historical sites in the town at the end of the Oregon Trail. I wish I’d done some real trips, with just one of them at a time, and I hope you get to have more of them in your future. I suspect you will long treasure your memories of this one with your son.

    • It was pretty great!! I’ve done a few overnight trips with V when they were younger – mostly to Chicago – but usually with my sister and her daughter, but this is the first time I’ve ever gone solo with Abe. You are right that I will treasure these.

      One of my good friends makes sure to do dates with each of her kids separately – and tries to do it once a month – and I think that’s such a great idea. I love that you have those of your kids too.