Tuesday Things

The calendar is filled with track practices and choir concerts and pick ups and drop offs and on the nights when someone says, “Should we watch an episode of TNG?”, I savor it. I want to slow down time.

Here are some things:

Knitting: I finished the socks from socks, blocked them and mailed them out to their recipient as a belated birthday gift and added a few more squares to my blanket. My to do list says that I’m going to start knitting my sheep pillow this week, but I’ve cast on another pair of socks.

Reading: I finished The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. It took me forever to read and I don’t know why. I just couldn’t stay engaged in it despite loving the story and the writing. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve just started Matrix by Lauren Groff (Rita‘s recommendation, I think) and I think I’m going to like it. I need recommendations. I’ve fallen behind in my goal and need to catch up.

Watching: I’ve been watching a lot. Euphoria (HBO) is dark and heartbreaking but also sweet and good. I could talk about it for hours. I’m loving The Gilded Age (HBO) and found Inventing Anna (Netflix) absolutely fascinating. I feel like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime) has seemed darker this season. Still funny. Just heavier. Anyone else watching – do you feel that way too? I’m looking forward to the newest season of Bridgerton (Netflix).

Making: Vacation plans. After years of being home bound we all are excited to stretch our wings a bit. We took a family ski trip to Lutsen, MN in the end of February and I don’t know that there is a much better view than snow, Lake Superior, sky. I got back on skis and enjoyed it enough to go again last Saturday at a local hill. V will heading to NYC for a school choir trip over spring break while Abram and I are going to Florida for a few days to get some sunshine. A spring bucket list. I managed to finish 6/10 of my winter list. My workbook is a bit of a mess and full of “kindergartener art” but I like having a place to play and jot things down. (Random aside: I definitely feel like I’m getting younger as I get older.) Headway in my spring cleaning. I crank a playlist and get to work deep cleaning. It’s so satisfying. I’m going to have an epic yard sale this spring.

That’s most of my news. I hope you are all doing well. Would love to hear what you are -ing if you have the time.

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  • Hi Kate,
    Such a lovely collage of winter images. Your words and photos of skiing almost make me want to return to a mountain. Especially when you write about going into the lodge with a book after lunch. 🙂

    I think I felt about Matrix the way you felt about the book you just read. I loved the writing and I was interested in the story, but I couldn’t stick with it well. It got sucked back to the library (audiobook) before I could finish it. I don’t have any other good recommendations right not, I’m afraid.

    I’m a few episodes into Maisel; I agree, darker. And more manic. I think it makes sense, though, the darkness. She’s on a hero’s journey, perhaps? It makes a kind of sense. We’re still working out way through GoT. I’ve also started Pieces of Her (Netflix); it’s based on a book I listened to a while back. The book was good. I’m not sure about the series. I think I liked the book better, but I’m still watching. Loving the last season of Better Things and doling it out to myself slowly.

    Not too much making. Hanging on to Friday, which is the beginning of our spring break. I am ready for a new season.

    • I realized last night that part of my problem getting into a book (and staying in it) is that we’ve gotten busy in the evening and our 30 minutes of family reading has gone by the wayside. When that was happening, I would start reading and would forgo the late night television/knitting to keep reading until it was time for bed. It’s amazing to me how easily good habits can change.

      I agree with your thoughts on Maisel. It makes sense and yes, a hero’s journey. I still haven’t watched Better Things, maybe that’s next. Have you watched Abbott Elementary? A bunch of people I follow on IG were raving so I watched it and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know how an actual teacher would feel about it (it’s a bit like the Office, but I didn’t like the Office and I like this) but I found it very sweet. I wish I would have doled it out a bit more.

      Hope you have a great spring break, Rita. I’m ready for the new season too! I heard a robin earlier this week but couldn’t see it and thought it must be in my head, and then saw about 10 in my yard this morning. It would be lovely to have an early spring.

  • Your adventures and activities and intentions are delightful. They seem encouraging to me. I’m living a very dull life right now, waiting for so many things to happen that I have zero control over– and can do nothing until they happen. How’s that for oblique? Still the first day of Spring will soon be here, and I’ll try to think of it as a new beginning and adopt some of your intentions as my own.

    • The zero control waiting stage is HARD. Good on you for trying to reframe it. I hope the pause gives you a chance to rest and recharge for when you can start to do the things!!

  • Hi! Here from Ally’s blog where your comment about the kids on the roof had my heart pounding!

    Love your photos. We took a ski trip this year as well and it was magical.

    • Hi Suzanne, nice to meet you and sorry for the delayed response!! It’s been a bit since I’ve been by the blog. Thank you for the kind words on my photos. As for the flood story, my heart was pounding when I saw them up there too! I’m so grateful to my neighbor (and I was mortified!!) It’s been almost ten years now so I can tell it and chuckle, but it was terrifying!