Friday Finds

  1. We are a “please take off your shoes” home.
  2. These infographic maps fascinated me.
  3. Which Mrs. Maisel character are you? Do you agree? (I’m Zelda, and I do.)
  4. Wow.
  5. How everyone got so lonely.
  6. Are your eggs edible?
  7. Homophones. (I always have to look up compliment/complement.)
  8. Eerie.
  9. Things to buy generic. (I’m not convinced. I might be a rube.)
  10. Reading is magic.
  11. I’ve been daydreaming about the garden.
  12. I loved The Gilded Age and now I’m following Keith’s IG which is also fascinating.
  13. Don’t Say Straight.
  14. Also wow.
  15. This is my cleaning playlist. (I’ll be listening to it all day today.)

Hope you have a happy weekend!!

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  • Generic baking supplies, spices, and sunscreen? I won’t go generic on those, but I will buy generic bleach or gas. I want to watch The Gilded Age, but we don’t have HBO. Eventually it’ll get to some streaming service we have, I hope.

  • Those maps were a lot of fun to look at! I’m still shocked that Dunkin’ Donuts is the largest coffee chain in Illinois! LOL
    I enjoy these posts so much. 🙂

  • Apparently I’m Midge. Hmmm. I almost never think things that describe Sagittarius personalities are a fit for me, but my daughter thinks I’m a total Sag. Maybe I’m the homebody introverted version of a Sag? Which feels like an oxymoron?

    I think I’m with Allie on what’s OK to buy generic and what’s not. But first: What’s generic gas? I don’t know about how to buy off-brand gas.

    I loved #13 (which reminds me of things I’ve read about how differently we’d look at what is “normal” and/or oppressive if neuro-divergent people were the majority) and #8 just made me feel sad.

    As always, so happy to see a post from you. You find such cool things!

    • I could see how Midge could fit you. Smart, driven, word wise. My best friend’s sister is an introverted Sag and from what I know of her – she’s definitely a Sagittarius (and introverted) so you aren’t alone!!

      Good to see you, Rita!!

  • Our cottage is an indoor shoes, socks, or barefoot only home, too, Kate! I’m surprised that your active lifestyle would be able to offer a control of this goal. Yorkie wears her slippers indoors and outdoors. If I could, I would have Yorkie leave her slippers next to mine on the indoor shoes mat. This article suggests to leave pets outside. That rule! I would not, absolutely not!!

    Nice to hear from you, Kate. It’s been awhile. 🍄

    • We have a bench and shoe storage right inside our garage for taking off shoes. I’m less good about the dog, but I do have rags to wipe her paws down when I think about it!

      Good to hear from you, TD.

      • Liking the bench storage idea for shoes. I use my bench storage for separating laundry loads. I can sit on the bench, undress leave the dirt there.

        Similar to using towels for wiping your dog’s paws, I use a towel as a floor mat on the inside at both my entrances. Easy to wash the towels that can capture my dog’s paw traffic.

        I think we both like to try to organize the flow of our home to lessen our cleaning time, Kate More time for our special -ings!

        The cable tech came this week to fix my TV issue. He saw the WHITE towel inside entrance and very carefully stepped way across it as to not to dirty the towel. I giggled to myself, but said nothing. He didn’t get its purpose. I use a white towel because I can bleach it white.

        Good to share ideas!