44 .

  1. Stay cigarette free. (Two years+ and counting!!)
  2. Finish Chicago embroidery project.
  3. Frame & hang embroidered cities.
  4. Knit a sweater.
  5. Knit the sheep pillow.
  6. Continue to practice unapologetic self-confidence.
  7. Complete the second floor update.
  8. Hang family picture wall.
  9. Celebrate my people.
  10. Take impeccable care of myself.
  11. Get a mole screen.
  12. And a mammogram.
  13. Tend the garden.
  14. Try canning.
  15. Go to Colorado.
  16. And Michigan.
  17. And NYC.
  18. Renew passports.
  19. Take the summer off Instagram and Facebook.
  20. Have a yard sale.
  21. Make a NYC picture book with V.
  22. Celebrate 20 years of marriage with Jesse.
  23. Continue to cultivate a cozy, welcoming home.
  24. Practice boat (and boat trailer) proficiency.
  25. Get Abram through boater’s safety.
  26. And V through driver’s ed.
  27. Refine the home binder & checklists.
  28. Write a short story.
  29. Unsubscribe from email lists/catalogs.
  30. Read.
  31. Go on a picnic.
  32. Purge kitchen cabinets.
  33. Use the state park sticker.
  34. Eat at home for a month challenge.
  35. Make artistic messes.
  36. Donate my time to a cause I care about.
  37. Start planning the deck/patio/garden update.
  38. Complete a 100 day challenge.
  39. Take a ski lesson.
  40. Ride 1500 miles.
  41. Work on flexibility.
  42. Set up a game cart.
  43. Get a birdbath.
  44. Reacquaint myself with my big camera/manual.

Past years: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43.

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  • Happy birthday, Kate! I lovelovelove this list. I love the inclusion of “impeccable” to item #10. (I’m stealing it for myself.) I would love to know more about what is in your home binder. We don’t have one, and I think we probably should. #24 reminds me of many moments of anxiety/tension in my previous marriage; sending you all the good juju I have for that one. 🙂 I’m also loving the idea of a summer off Instagram and Facebook–though I know I will miss my interactions with you. I wonder if doing that might get me to write more on my blog?

    • Thank you, Rita! Steal away! I stole it from a podcast were I remember nothing else (not even what it was about) but that.

      I also appreciate the good juju with the boat. If I have time (and a limited audience) I am definitely capable, and Jesse is infinitely patient with that stuff (he’ll be teaching the kids to drive, for sure), I just need to keep practicing. I may never get it, but it’s one of those exercises that challenges me in a good way.

      • Limited audience and time were always key for me. I’m still that way with parallel parking! Good practice at a certain kind of mental discipline, for sure.


    This is a lovely self-portrait indeed! I noticed that many items carry again for another year making great insights of what’s important to you and what makes Kate, Kate!!

    Today I will make a strawberry ice cream pecan chocolate pie to share with your birthday. Hopes for a day full of sweetness to you!!

    PS congratulations on cigarette-free because that is no easy task

    • That strawberry ice cream pecan chocolate pie sounds AMAZING.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! It really was a very sweet day.