Tuesday Things

You know when you have so many words that you have no words? Is that just me? Either way, I have lots things, but too many words for words* so let’s just talk things.

Reading: I found out about Libby and put it to use reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which has been on my list for ages. I missed my window. I would have loved it in my 20’s but couldn’t force myself to finish it. I’m so far behind in my reading goal. I hope a IG and FB break over the summer will help me catch up.

Watching: I started watching Anne with an e (Netflix). I initially resisted it (I loved the original and first few books so much) but my sister kept telling me I would love it and I do. I can see purists not loving it, but I find it a lovely deviation. The Flight Attendant (HBO) is another that I’ve put off watching but really have enjoyed. I’ve found that Kaley Cuoco’s acting makes the character so much more sympathetic/enjoyable than the version in the book which was my biggest complaint.

Listening to: A couple of really good Ezra Klein podcasts. One with Margaret Atwood on stories, and another with Matthew Continetti regarding the GOP. My newest favorite song (thank you, Jules). The soundtracks to Come From Away (V introduced this to me after their trip to NYC and I cry every single time I listen to it) and Moulin Rouge (V also saw this in NYC and I have tickets to see the touring show for my birthday and I’m so excited). And this throwback. I’m so glad I got to see Tom Petty in concert.

Making: I’ve been working on my coziest memory blanket and (as always) a pair of socks. I’ve also been stitching on Chicago because I really want to finish this three city project. I got V a diamond art painting and myself a paint by number so we sit and listen to musicals and work on them together. My goal is to fill the blank walls of the basement with pictures/craft projects that the kids and I have completed over the years.

What are your current -ings? Hope you’re all well!

*I feel like I should clarify that the lack of words isn’t attributable to a negative. I mean, it’s 2022 and it’s been years of heartbreak on a global level and an incredibly difficult year on a personal level, but it’s also been one of the best years of my life (if not the best).

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  • I totally get the too many words for words thing. They’ll come later. Or they won’t. Both are OK, I think. (Words aren’t coming much for me lately, either.)

    I now might have to try Anne with an E again. I did when it first came out, and it was too different, or something? I dunno. I initially like The Flight Attendant, but only got to the third episode or so. She was being so manically dumb! I’m having a really hard time finding TV I like these days. We did just begin Julia (HBOmax), and I really like it. Just the interiors and clothing alone are a treat, but the story is nice, too. Finished Mrs. Maisel this week.

    I’m also having trouble with books. I don’t think it’s social media, though. Maybe it’s the same thing causing me to hate almost every TV show I watch? I am reading and sticking with Cost of Living by Emily Maloney, a book of linked memoir essays about health care and mental health. Really nice writing, though the subject matter is infuriating.

    My biggest -ings lately are gardening, skating, and adult parenting. I’m enjoying just being with my daughter, and I like the way both gardening and skating get me out of my head. The world is way too much with me the past few weeks. I am both longing for and sad about the end of the school year. Maybe my biggest -ing is transitioning, which would explain my ennui and lack of words.

    Love seeing your photos and hearing what you are up to. Totally get the upcoming social media break, but I will miss your Instagram story sharing!

    • I’m going to have to try Julia now too!! Let me know if you feel differently about Anne with an E. The first few episodes were hard because there are enough similarities (I noticed them especially with Marilla) that the differences felt jarring. And I know what you mean about manically dumb, that’s where I struggled in the book too!’

      I wonder about struggling to find something to read. I’ve always identified as a reader and taken pride in being someone people come to for book recommendations. I used to love afternoons collecting stacks of books to read (either a library or bookstore). It feels like that part of me has shifted though and I’m not at peace with it. I wonder if it’s like exercise – I crave it when I’m doing it regularly, but then slip out of the habit and find it hard to start again.

      I’m glad you have your daughter home. I know how much you’ve missed her.

      I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you have growing in your garden!!

      • I, too, have always identified as a reader. It was never anything I had to make myself do or had any difficulty doing. Reading felt kind of like breathing: Something necessary to my existence, and so much part of it that I never even thought about it much. I felt the first shift when I had babies; I could not focus on the kind of reading I once did. And I didn’t have the kind of time I once did, either. I still love perusing books and taking home stacks from the library–but I rarely read them. I did read more this winter when I reduced my social media time and wasn’t blogging. And I enjoyed it. But I think it’s something deeper than that. It might be connected to aging and how much media (including books) is focused on those younger than me? (I remember my grandparents complaining that they couldn’t find any good movies or TV shows because they were all just about young people having/wanting/pursuing sex!) I find myself just impatient with the woes of so many protagonists I encounter. Maybe it’s just my frustration with so many things swirling around us right now. I dunno. But I miss breathing books.

  • I understand about the words. My year has been difficult, too. I want to write things, but maybe later when the words flow smoothly.

    As for -ings, absolutely nothing interesting. Planting pots of posies, baking brownies, sorting through the files in my desk. Living life, but with my breath held.

    • “Living life, but with my breath held” is such a good way to describe how I’m feeling too, Ally. But all of your -ings sound like a lovely way to spend the days. Especially when I’m sure they also contain plenty of dust and banging!!

  • Hi Kate! Glad to read your Tuesday’s Things!!

    I love that you did a paint by number! It’s very pretty!!

    I’m not well: last week met with doctor and I’m trying the generic for Paxil for six months for extreme anxiety and major depression.

    Other thing: I have been preparing the old back porch 17’ long by 9’ with with a Glass door looking out to my backyard that was enclosed years ago and never painted. I had a plumber set my washer and dryer. It’s been a lot of physical movement up and down step ladder, arms, body, balance. I have given myself the non stress of no deadline to complete. Started the painting last week in a very earthy green Behr dynasty marquee “Everglade”. I love the color much better then the old white wash they use to use on these old cottages. It’s summer here and this activity will be good exercise during the heat of the day in the AC!

    Is that your office? Did you paint?

    I too have been struggling to find good reading or books on CD. I do look, but nothing seems to interest me. I think part of it is my exhaustion from anxiety levels and simply trying to get all the basics of daily chores done that I’m able to think of doing more. I do love the idea of relaxing listening to a book on CD. Perhaps in the future.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t well, TD, and hope the medications help!

      The green paint is actually a basement bedroom which is going to be our only bedroom as we tackle the remodel. We painted it a couple of years ago and I love the color. I’m actually toying with doing our bedroom upstairs that color!! I bet your back porch is a lovely color and I think you’re smart not forcing yourself into a deadline right now!!

      Sending good vibes your way!!

      • Thanks Kate! Nine months off Zoloft I lost 15 lbs and upper stomach bloating which I really needed to loose. I will monitor weight daily. Side effects, UGH! Yes, I do hope for relief with my emotions and mood swings, though. I don’t know if it is the best directive. I often wonder about all the pharmaceutical culture that we live in.

        I’m also spending my mornings in the backyard learning the names of the birds and their songs. It’s been fun. My gardening of St Augustine has really taken great greenery. It’s become a beautiful place to relax in a private space that is easy care. I’ll enjoy your veggie garden adventures!