Friday Finds

  1. Pretty.
  2. So proud to be from Wisconsin.
  3. Cooking wisdom.
  4. Taking the GoT obsession to the next level.
  5. I love these.
  6. Bird nests.
  7. What you can learn from a child and a thief.
  8. Curators are cool.
  9. These disturb and delight me. Especially this one.
  10. I just found this thread interesting.
  11. This article is what prompted me to read The Good-Enough Life.
  12. I love these too. (The cat with bird wings is probably my favorite.)
  13. This is a lesson I want my kids to learn. (And to do it without resentment because they can.)
  14. Find your own water.
  15. Acorn to oak tree. (It just made me happy.)
  16. Found in a library book.
  17. Apply minimalist principles not just to your stuff.
  18. 100% (I shared this on instagram yesterday, because I’m back.)

Happy weekend!!!

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  • Katie, Katie, Katie. Thank you for writing these posts.
    When I saw the mullets, I burst out laughing. Oh bless. So proud indeed. 
    The places where reality is altered? YES. Why does it feel so strange to everyone?
    I’m going to add The Good Enough Life to my TBR list.
    That Seth Godin quote is spot on and relates to an article I’m working on this week.
    That video of the acorn growing into an oak tree made me cry.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you don’t see too many mullets. 😘

    • Isn’t that acorn video just the coolest?!? I got misty over it too!

      As for mullets, I knew they were making a return when Abram played basketball against an area team AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of their players had one. I can understand Doc Martens and high waisted jeans. I can not for the life of me understand mullets. 😂

  • You know I like these posts. Information is my love language. Thank you

    1,847 tracks and counting on a play list? I don’t know how to process that. I wanna say get a life, but maybe this is his life?

    I like the idea of minimizing more than my stuff. Use “social media in a way that it can help you accomplish your purposes in life rather than distract you from them.” Yep, smart thinking– and something I’m trying to do.

    The Cup of Jo cooking wisdom is wonderful. I didn’t know about kitchen shears until about 10 years ago– and boy they are useful.

    • I think the guy doing it is some kind of music curator. One of these days I’m going to put on shuffle just to see what new stuff I find.

      And YES to kitchen shears. I can’t imagine ever being without them again!

  • This is the perfect “I’m up because my husband won’t get his damn shoulder looked at even though he’s been in pain for weeks so he rolls around in bed trying to get comfortable until he wakes me up but is now snoring and I can’t go back to sleep” diversion. I most appreciate the bird nests, because they made the tired, grumpy being that I currently am laugh out loud. The Rosalski art is disturbing and delightful, and maybe belongs on the #10 thread. #7 provides some good food for thought, especially when juxtaposed with #13. Also appreciated the piece on minimalism, which is a topic that can have a lot of nuance to it. I’m too blurry to say much more than thank you.

    • I’m so sorry to laugh at the description of your sleepless night, but it was so vivid (and relatable) that I definitely did chuckle!! Glad I could keep you company!