Friday Finds

  1. Point and counterpoint on sex separation in athletics.
  2. Things to watch on Prime in October. (anyone else thinking of cancelling/already have cancelled their prime membership?)
  3. Some other spooky season viewing suggestions.
  4. For Abram.
  5. A case can be made for physical media.
  6. Which lends itself to this. (I’m actually kind of tempted.)
  7. These and these are on my Christmas knitting list.
  8. And I want to learn this for socks.
  9. I have a strong “no” gut reaction to this.
  10. Yup. That exists.
  11. It’s just a phase.
  12. I’ve been doing the mini and tried a few archived Mondays.
  13. I need to make a date with my sketchbook.
  14. Wow.

Happy weekend!

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  • I saved the Austin Kleon list of spooky things to watch. Also will follow his suggestion for Twitter. I agree with you about your “no” gut reaction. I don’t do the NYT mini crossword puzzle but I do the Daily Mini Meta Crossword in the Washington Post. Have a great weekend, Happy October!

  • Because of the paywall, I can’t read The Atlantic piece. 🙁
    For those of us who aren’t on Facebook, I believe we need a place to discuss topics like quitting Amazon and Netflix. 🙂 
    Yup that Exists will improve my Instagram feed. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m sorry about the paywall! I see most of them through my Feedly feed and then when I link to them everyone gets paywalled! (I do love the Atlantic though)

  • Gosh, I love the Yup. That exists (and was especially taken by the laundry-as-art post. Of course 🙂 ).

    I was only able to read the first Atlantic piece before the website locked me out, but that one was probably the best one for me to have read because it definitely changed some preconceived notions I had been holding about what was fair in sport and what was not. Clearly it’s more nuanced than I had imagined, so I really appreciate you sharing the article.

    I am amazed to know Netflix still sends out discs (or at least, they still send them out in the US; I don’t know about here). That was how we began with Netflix, and I honestly miss the days when we had a limit of two movies a month. Speaking of Netflix (and somewhat related to the Atlantic piece), have you seen The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone? Netflix is the only streaming service we have, and between it and what we can get on regular TV (CBC), I feel like we have plenty to watch. (I do have to admit to watching things more than once. *cough*The Crown*cough*)

    I did not know you could knit snowflakes! Years ago (25?) I crocheted a whole whack (a blizzard?) of snowflake ornaments for our Christmas tree as well as for gifts for family. There was something so satisfying about making them, and they were so quick to work up. I STILL love putting them up on my tree every year.

    Have a good weekend, Kate! 🙂

    • I love that you mentioned rewatching the Crown because I have been doing that lately myself!! I have not seen The Dreamlife of Georgie Sloane but I’m going to look that up!

      I’m glad to find a star knitting pattern (that isn’t a stuffed star) because I can’t crochet and refuse to learn one more. I bet yours are lovely!!

      I like both of the Atlantic articles on sex in sports despite their differing opinions. I’ve definitely been giving a lot of thought in the last few years. I don’t have a lot of concrete opinions but I do appreciate hearing the views of others!

      Good hearing from you!! Is it as gloriously fall where you are as it is?

  • So many nice treats here—thank you! I love the Austin Kleon list; will definitely come back to it. I think the question around gender and sports is so complex. I don’t have a firm opinion on it. That McSweeny’s piece was fire. I wonder if a time might come when we don’t organize the world around gender? As for the Times puzzles, I have a subscription and highly recommend. They’ve added value to my life. Amazon, not so much. But I’m sure we’ll keep our subscription. For watching, I’ve been getting much more value from Hulu lately.

    • Since I mentioned cancelling Amazon, we’ve watched 4 things on prime when we hadn’t watched anything on that platform for MONTHS. I guess it’s sticking around.

      What have you been watching on Hulu? A friend of mine recommended Tell Me Lies so I’ve been watching that. I don’t know that I recommend it but I keep watching.

      • My favorites have been Reservation Dogs (which I think I’ve mentioned before?) and Only Murders in the Building (which I’m late to because initially I didn’t like the first episode). There’s a new show called Reboot that I’ve also enjoyed. And Abbott Elementary! I tried Abbott when it first aired, and something about it really put me off. When it won at the Emmys recently, I decided to give it another try. So glad I did. I think I’ve been all of those teachers at different stages of my life. Maybe that’s why it felt uncomfortable. 🙂