Tuesday Things

I realized as I was going through pictures this week that I’m definitely picking up my phone more often to take a quick snapshot. The pictures I take aren’t stylized or technical, but they do capture the ways in which we’ve been spending our days. Maybe it’s time to use my actual camera and practice technique a bit?

I dug out the Washington D.C. embroidery and pushed that a little farther forward. The x’s are soothing and I really don’t have that much more left to do before I’m done, then only one more city to do and they’ll be ready to put in the guest room. (So sometime around 2025.)

I realized on Easter morning we didn’t have a little blue can of biscuits on hand so I decided to try my hand at making them for the first time. I used this recipe and they turned out rather well (there weren’t any left over which is a good sign). They were only slightly more involved than the one’s in the can. Now, if I could only learn to make sausage gravy…

I’ve been rewatching Schitt’s Creek and still working on the zauberball socks. They’re taking forever because I’m just not feeling like I want to do them. The yarn is beautiful but I’ve burnt myself out on socks. (I think my next pair will involve a pattern of some sort to mix it up. Maybe this one.) Also watched another episode of Little Fires Everywhere. I really love Kerry Washington as Mia.

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. Let me know: what are you -ing right now?

Craft Thursday: Self Portrait

Of all the craft projects I’ve done with my kids, this is one that I didn’t also do and I really wish I would have. We did it in parts over multiple days.

First, I sent them a google document with some sentences to finish. I got a huge kick when Violet changed her “If I were stuck inside all day” to “While stuck inside all day.” Those were printed and cut out.

Then I gave them a canvas to paint in whichever way they wanted.

Once we had completed those steps, I showed them the inspiration and offered to use a picture that I already had of them or take a new one. Violet knew exactly what picture she wanted to use. Abram had a couple of poses he wanted to try. Once we had the picture taken, I turned it black and white and printed it out on card stock which we then cut out.

Finally, we assembled all the pieces onto the canvas they had painted. These craft projects in my head are always filled with joy and happiness and the quiet concentration of contented kids. Not every step goes that way, as every parent knows, but I hope they’ll look back on this very weird time and remember the joy and the happiness bits best.

Tuesday Things

I’m amazed at how long and short a week can feel. We’re quite into the swing of things and dealing with a great deal of stir crazy and bored. Things are starting to green up. Even the indoor plants seem happier for the extra hours of daylight each day. While cleaning out my office this week, I found a pair of socks that I knit and stashed away unblocked. I had completely forgotten them. Plenty of time for blocking things now.

Knitting: Still working on my zauberball socks.

Watching: Jesse and I finished Tiger King. It was so beyond bizarre. We both sat there every night wondering about the lives some people live. Still watching Virgin River. And Little Fires Everywhere.

Reading: I’ve completely stalled out on reading anything. I started reading Anna K by Jenny Lee and it’s not for me. It’s just full of name dropping labels to establish wealth and references to show a “cool factor” that will leave the book dated in three years and are trying too hard now. Maybe I just really loved Anna Karenina and this feels like the cheap knock off?

Making: Before things got REALLY crazy here some friends dropped off Amish friendship bread which will be baked up and split up yet today. I’m supposed to pass along three starters but I don’t know if we’ll be doing that. It feels wrong right now. (Even though we are all healthy – Jesse is still having to leave for work and that just makes me nervous about accidentally passing anything along.) I’ve been sewing masks. I don’t have any elastic stashed (I donated a lot of my sewing supplies to a senior center about six months ago when cleaning out my office. Oops.) and most places seem to be sold out so I’m making a kind that uses ties which is kind of fiddly but that’s okay. We’re also eating lots of meals at home. This makes a great lunch. We also love this hash with eggs or sausage or just by itself.

I hope you are all hanging in there and washing your hands and staying healthy both physically and mentally. What are you reading, watching, making (any other -ing?) to keep yourself occupied during this difficult time?

Friday Finds

My uncle texted this to me today and it gave me the best laugh. God bless the Quigley sense of humor.
  1. Spring clean your accounts now that you are stuck at home.
  2. Ina Garten for the win.
  3. You know I loved this article about getting through the pandemic with needle crafts.
  4. Yes, Detroit. Yes.
  5. I bought one.
  6. This is our inspiration for next week’s art project.
  7. We’re making face masks. I didn’t have any fabric so we ordered some cute fabrics from our local store. Like this, this, this, and this.
  8. Coronavirus tourism posters.
  9. 13 things on the internet to life your spirits.
  10. I love these forest pictures.
  11. I may have said this before but I love Sir Patrick Stewart. No seriously, I love him.
  12. This instagram account has given me a chuckle almost every day.
  13. I should be an architect?
  14. Adding some of these to my TBR pile.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Tuesday Things

Short and sweet (and late) this week because I’m sharing my work station. My co-worker likes to leave math worksheets all over the desk. (But also brings me Jolly Ranchers from time to time.)

Knitting: Zauberball socks.

Watching: I’m two episodes into Virgin Creek. It’s on Netflix and I think it’s kind of like a Hallmark movie in episode form? My brother is recommending It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a good friend of mine sent a list of her favorite 80’s-90’s movies that I’m going to have to get started on.

Reading: I’ve read The Naturals (which is kind of like a YA version of Criminal Minds) and The Last Mrs. Parrish this week. I loathed The Last Mrs. Parrish. I’m so annoyed that I forced myself to finish.

Making: We ordered some fabric from our local quilt shop to make homemade masks. I hate sewing (but I like the ironing and cutting and prep stuff) so I told Jesse I’d get everything ready if he actually sewed them. We’ll see how it goes. The kids are also working on an art project and I can’t wait to show you once we’re done.

I hope you are healthy and safe. The weather here is really wonderful and I’m so grateful for that. What are you making, reading, watching? I’m DEFINITELY in the market for suggestions.